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9 Celebs Who Look Even More Stunning With Dark Hair


What is it with celebs and not being able to keep a haircut for longer than two weeks? I can’t even bring myself to get an appointment with the hairdresser until I’ve reached the point where I can’t see anything but hair in the upper half of my field of view. I guess it’s a money thing.
Anyway, since celebrities are so fond of giving themselves new haircuts and new looks, it would be downright disrespectful of us to not judge them for it. They say blondes do it better, but do blondes really? So without beating around the bush too much, let’s look at some celebrities that look better with dark hair. Female and male, because it’s 2017 and we can objectify men as well.



Olivia Wilde
Yeah, that blonde thing wasn’t working for Olivia.

Kristen Stewart
Basic rule to hair colors: if you have pale skin tone, get dark hair.



Tom Hiddleston
Tumblr and other social media favored by young adult women teach me that this man is “crazy hot” with black hair.

Angelina Jolie
Blondgelina (since Brangelina isn’t a thing anymore, she needs something new) isn’t as good as Blackgelina.

Ryan Gosling
Yup, he did a bleached thing. Wasn’t very successful.



Matthew McConaughey
Matthew has the classy look down in whatever color his hair is, but let’s all agree the dark is better.

Benedict Cumberbatch
He can Vapors of Valtorr my Fangs of Farallah, if you know what I mean. (Even I have no idea what it means.)

Anne Hathaway
Anne generally really doesn’t look very good with light hair colors. Once she goes black, she really shouldn’t ever go back.



Lana Del Rey
Very retro, very good. I approve.