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9 Best Video Games for Couples


Gamers of all ages know that playing with someone is a much more fun and rewarding experience. In the end, all good games have a single goal: to entertain the players. There’s just something Zen about playing the game you love, but how about playing it with your special other?

A small disclaimer before we dive in: this is not the ultimate list of games you can play with people. As long as you both enjoy it (assuming it has multiplayer), almost any game is solid gold! Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, Mortal Kombat – you name it.

Be it co-op or versus, these nine games will keep you and your partner on your toes!

1. Worms: Revolution

Ever since 1995, this franchise has had a special place in the hearts of gamers. It is a turn-based game where each of the sides controls worms armed to their teeth with baseball bats, uzis, shotguns, holy grenades, and more! The win condition is simple – be the last worm standing.

2. Cuphead

If you’ve heard one thing about Cuphead, it’s probably something about its difficulty. It sure is the Dark Souls of platformers. And if you play with 2 players, it gets even harder! All you need to do is figure out the boss’s attack patterns and kick Devil’s hairy butt! Just prepare to die a bunch.

Cuphead | 9 Best Video Games for Couples | Brain Berries

3. Overcooked 2

Who’s doing the cooking in your happy family? Have you tried subbing for them? Well, imagine that you have, and you need to cook dinner for like 20 people, but you can focus on a single ingredient at a time. You’d think that having 2 players would make this game more accessible. Well, you’d be incorrect. The pressure is building up with every second, you keep screwing up your orders, you start yelling at your SO, but then you realize it’s only a game!

Overcooked 2 | 9 Best Video Games for Couples | Brain Berries

4. Human Fall Flat

It’s a cooperative puzzle-solving game with wacky physics. That’s basically all you need to know before you fall in love with “Human Fall Flat.”

Human Fall Flat | 9 Best Video Games for Couples | Brain Berries

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is a real colossus! It’s always been a great artistic outlet for people. Still, recently, it had a resurgence thanks to PewDiePie and other prominent YouTubers. And yes, you can play it with your friends or loved ones, no problem! Just remember not to dig directly below you.

Minecraft | 9 Best Video Games for Couples | Brain Berries

6. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve is a genuinely remarkable survival game with a unique art style and super fun in-game features. You need to make fire, build a house, gather beefalo poop, avoid the creatures lurking in the night. And then you fail and die. That’s where the real fun starts! Now you can mess with your partner as a spooky ghost. Ain’t that fun?

Don't Starve Together | 9 Best Video Games for Couples | Brain Berries

7. Mario Kart

Fair warning: all top three games are unbeatable Nintendo masterpieces.
Racing games, in general, are aimed at multiplayer experience, but Mario Kart is a unique specimen. It’s easy to get into, all colorful and with lots of characters to choose from. But most importantly, it is fun to play! And just like other Nintendo games, Mario Kart can also ruin marriages with ha single Blue Shell.

Mario Kart | 9 Best Video Games for Couples | Brain Berries

8. Mario Party

Mario Party is generally best suited for more than two players, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your SO. It’s a bunch of luck-based mini-games that can turn even your best friend into a sworn enemy! But hey, at least you’ll have a hearty laugh at their expense.

Mario Party | 9 Best Video Games for Couples | Brain Berries

9. Super Smash Bros

The last but not least is the Smash series. No matter which game you’ll pick from this franchise, you’ll be told that some fighters are cheaters. It’s especially true if the person you’re about to play with has a so-called “main.” This means they’ve basically mastered one character and know all their moves. Then if they are defeated, they blame lag, bad controller, dumb luck, and you picking a better character. This is the game that causes divorces or at least Twitter feuds!