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8 Youngest “Crazy Rich” Asians


You don’t have to be old to be rich, and you definitely don’t need to live in Europe or the US. To get the big bucks, all you really need is a grand idea and some time to bring it to life. You’d never believe that Asia is full of billionaires under 40 or even 30. The richest young Asians usually come from Japan, China, India, and Singapore. Seeing as there are over 200 billionaires in China alone, it’s no surprise that some of them are quite young.
Here are 8 youngest “crazy rich” Asians!
1. Yusaku Maezawa
43-year-old business genius from Japan, Yusaka Maezawa, is worth of $1.8 billion. He started as a DC vendor in the 90’s, then created one of the biggest e-malls in Japan – Zozotown, and became a musician. Not necessarily in that order.

2. Zhou Yahui
It’s all fun and games for the 42-year old Zhou Yahui, quite literally. He’s the founder of Kunlan – one of the biggest game distributors in China. Zhou’s net worth is $2.2 billion.


3. Naruatsu Baba
Naruatsu Baba used to hold the title of the richest Japanese businessman under the age of 40. He’s now 41, and at $1.2 billion net worth, I can clearly see why everyone should invest into gaming.

4. Arun Pudur
The only young billionaire in India, 41-year old Arun Pudur, has managed to scrap up quite a huge net worth – $4 billion. I guess that’s to be expected from someone who reached their first billion at the age of 26.

5. Yang Huiyan
But even Arum Pudur’s net worth fades when compared to that of the 37-year old Chinese lady Yang Huiyan. She owns more than 50% of real estate developer Country Garden Holdings and her net worth is over $7.1 billion!


6. Zhang Yiming
Have you ever used Tic Tok? If you have, know that Zhang Yiming developed that app. Actually in 2012 this 36-year old genius founded a company called ByteDance, which now has over 40 products and services available all over the world! So $4 billion net worth sounds about right.

7. Leo Chen
Another 36-year old billionaire! Leo Chen’s net worth is $1.1 billion, and it’s all thanks to his outstanding entrepreneurial skills. He was the one who founder Jumei International Holdings, one of China’s top 5 cosmetic manufacturers.


8. He Zhitao
He Zhitao is a 36-year old Chinese software manufacturer with a net worth of over $1.2 billion. A good half of that money comes from buying shares of some secret IT firm. I wonder what that’s all about.