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8 Times Celebs Were Totally Extra While Doing The Simplest Things


Many people think that celebs are quite like us – they sleep, eat, jog, spend time with their kids, so what’s the difference? Well, it appears there is one. It’s not how they do all these everyday chores and simple things like going to the market, but what they look like doing it. For many celebs it seems impossible to dress down a notch, so they go to the market in high heels carrying a Gucci bag for the meat and veggies. Others go even further and appear wearing gorgeous gowns to the kid’s playground! So how do celebs manage to look so absolutely overdressed while performing everyday tasks? We don’t have the slightest idea, but it probably has something to do with their comfort zone that requires wearing posh things no matter where they go. So, here are 8 celebs that were totally extra while doing simple things.



Mariah Carey at the playground
Who said you couldn’t wear your best evening gown to the park? That’s right, no one. Taking twins to the playground is no easy thing, probably that’s why Mariah put on the first attire she laid her eyes on and just went with it. But we really don’t recommend pushing swings while standing on five-inch nails. Only a celeb can pull that off! Either way, being a mom at the park doesn’t mean you have to dress down. Maybe you should try that sometimes, too!



Justin Bieber waiting for his ride
Life is tough, guys, and we mean it. Who knows how long Biebs had to wait for his ride after the plane landed? It seems the poor guy had to wait for ages for his Uber to finally get there and pick him up for the next concert or something. Oh, and it’s rained recently – what an unfortunate chain of events. Well, Justin Bieber still looks cool sitting there all by himself, waiting for his ride in his very own private plane.

Karlie Kloss going for a bike ride
If you go riding a bike without your poshest suit on and exquisite manicure, then what are you even doing? Oh, and don’t forget the super high heels because nothing says ‘challenge’ more than a pair of stilettos and a pedal bicycle. Well, we have to give it to Karlie, she looks outstanding even in this situation, and maybe that’s the point? But we believe a woman can still look swell and trendy in sportswear, you don’t have to go this far to look good. And next time she should definitely wear a helmet!

Chrissy Teigen and grocery shopping
Chrissy Teigen is our favorite foodie among all celebs out there – she cooks like a chef, loves healthy snacks, and readily shares her cooking experience with the rest of us. But wearing an opaque red lip while going grocery shopping? That’s a bit of an overkill even for a supermodel like Chrissy. Although, who are we to judge? If a girl wants to get all dolled up and go on a hunt for some fresh produce, she can do as she pleases. Maybe it feels really good and we should also try it sometimes?



Katy Perry at the aquarium
Why do you have to be so perfect, Katy Perry? A trip to the aquarium can become a nice experience for the whole family and a chance to relax and just enjoy the calm fish swimming all around you. But this seems not to be the case with Katy Perry. For her it’s just another excuse to get all dressed up and look like she’s hitting up an opera house to listen to some outstanding classics. But we can’t even be mad at her (at least not for long) because she looks so darn good. Even the fish can tell she’s rocking some unbelievably trendy earrings, not to mention the shiny dress that just screams ‘expensive’.

Kim Kardashian at the movie theatre
We rarely think that going to the movies is a big deal, but apparently it is! While Kanye West can easily pull off the laid-back casual look, Kim’s version of ‘ordinary’ just doesn’t stand a chance. It seems that for Kim Kardashian even watching a movie with her hubby requires some designer attire. We do believe this is her take on the usual ‘jeans and a tee’ look, but one has to have a pretty good budget to dress up like this for an evening movie. Does this look suit her? It does. But her husband definitely needs to give her a lesson or two on casual wear.

Lady Gaga hiking in heels
Because if you can’t wear Louboutin heels and an avant-garde top to a hiking session with your buddy, what’s the point? At least, we believe that’s what Lady Gaga was thinking while dressing up for a hike. When we, mere mortals, go hiking with a friend we dress up as comfortably as possible because we might end up walking for miles non-stop. But it’s different for Lady Gaga because she doesn’t care about woods, rain, and comfy sneakers as long as her favorite crazy attire is on!

North West getting baptized
This is definitely something different from everything we’ve ever seen Kim K wear in public. But getting your kid baptized is a big deal, so you have to look the part! While Kim Kardashian is definitely overdressed for the occasion, we can’t but notice that it’s the most clothed we’ve ever seen her! Apart from Kim’s silk and laces, please note the simple all-white attire of Kanye West who looks as pious as his baby daughter.