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8 Lost Cities of India


India is often called the “land of myths and legends”, because of the sheer amount of folklore tales dedicated to its mysteries and mythology. Gods, demons, mythical creatures, magical artifacts, and of course, long forgotten cities, are what makes the lore so rich and alluring.


Let’s take a closer look at these 8 lost cities of India.



1. Dwarka, Gujarat
Say hello to one of the most sacred and holiest forgotten cities of India. The archaeologists found evidence claiming that this city has been submerged at least six times!



2. Kalibangan, Rajasthan
This ancient pearl located in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, used to be the provincial capital of the Indus Valley Civilization. It’s also known for having the “world’s earliest ploughed field”, which in itself is a fantastic discovery!

3. Dholavira, Gujarat
The lost city of Dholavira was established over 4000 years ago, and has been discovered only in 1968. Ever since 1990 the archaeologists have been excavating the site, discovering crazier and crazier items each year.

4. Surkotada, Gujarat
The horse remains found near Kutch, Gujarat are dated 2000 BCE, and the archaeologists believe this could indicate that a lost city of Surkotada used to be thriving on that spot around 4000 years ago.



5. Vijayanagar, Karnataka
Being one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites these Ruins of Hampi are under strict protection. Because of the car pollution and construction development this lost city can slip into the darkness at any moment, and it would be a horrible shame since it was one of the cities of the Vijayanagara Empire – the ancient rulers of Southern India.

6. Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu
Port cities are always at a great risk of being washed away, and that’s exactly what happened 1500 years ago to one of the oldest river pot cities in India – Kaveripattinam, which was situated on the bank of river Kaveri.

7. Muziris, Kerala
Just like Kaveripattinam, Muziris also used to be a port city on the river Petiyar with a very similar fate. The scientists have unearthed items from the Roman Empire, Egypt, and West Asia here, so we know for sure it was a busy port connected to Europe and the rest of Asia.

8. Nagarjunakonda, Andhra Pradesh
It will be enough to say that Nagarjunakonda city was mentioned in Hindu and Buddhist scholasticism. Can you imagine?