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8 Filthy Practices That Hotels Try To Hide From You


Just like every business that involves customer service in any way, hotels have quite a few nasty skeletons in their seemingly spotless closets. These dirty secrets include things ranging from bed bugs to dirty glasses and maids trying on your expensive lingerie.

It’s about time these shady practices got exposed!

1. Putting meat in your vegetarian food.

Oh, so you’re a vegetarian and want the hotel kitchen to serve you vegetarian food? You’re better off dining in some decent restaurant or buying vegan snacks at a grocery store. Even though the hotel food looks all right, it will usually be cooked with eggs, chicken stock, and all the things you don’t want in your dinner.

2. Bed bugs.

Unlike cockroaches, which could be annoying and are most definitely unsanitary, bed bugs do bite and are small enough to hide in your clothes and unleash hell on you and your family when you come back home. The worst part is that almost all hotels, regardless of the star number, have dealt with these nasty buggers at some point, and you’re never 100% sure the problem was solved. It’s the paranoia that hits the hardest.

3. Safeguard your fancy clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

This may not be a widespread occurrence, but some maids have come forward about putting on the clients’ fancy clothes. Even more, have been caught red-handed by the guests and managers. It’s not really a crime if the maids do this, but it’s one small step from being one.

4. Dirty glasses.

Whenever you see some empty, seemingly clean-looking glasses in your hotel room, you must resist the urge to drink from them. The hotel staff will often wipe the glasses with the same cloth or rag used to clean the bathroom.

5. Who’s sleeping in your bed?

Imagine you’ve been cleaning people’s rooms for hours, and now you’re so exhausted you can’t stand upright. You see a clean, cozy bed. What do you do? Well, apparently, the cleaning staff would sometimes take short naps even though they’re not supposed to.

6. Someone’s using the toilet in your room.

Did you really think the cleaning staff would be holding “it” in, while scrubbing your filth? Of course not! The big question is: are they doing it before or after cleaning the bathroom? Or maybe both.

7. Did someone kick your bags while you weren’t looking?

One of the hotel workers said on Reddit that if you leave your bags at the concierge desk, they will be thrown into a small room and manhandled in the worst possible way. The small luggage is frequently kicked around, and the bigger suitcases are used as chairs.

8. Never use hair dryers that come with your room.

The amount of bacteria swarming inside hair dryers provided by the hotel is staggering! Nobody ever sanitizes these appliances. Can you imagine how many people before you used that dryer and what kind of diseases they may have sneezed onto you? The mind boggles. Use everything the hotel gives you with a bit of paranoia.