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7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Amazon Warriors


You know who Princess Diana of Themyscira is, right? Yes, we’re talking about Wonder Woman! Although she is all about peace, love and harmony, she isn’t afraid to kick some ass when necessary. But she wasn’t just magically born with these mad skills. Nope! Her fellow Amazons made her the fierce superhero (and box office draw!!!) that she is today. It could therefore be said that the story of Wonder Woman is actually a story about the Amazon Warriors collectively! So in tribute to all of the women who made Wonder Woman who she is, we’re come up with a list of 7 things that you might not have known about the Amazon Warriors.



1. They Ride Atop Gigantic Kangaroos
Some people like to ride horses. But the Amazon Warriors know that horses are nothing more than boring versions of unicorns without horns and magic powers! That’s why they opt for these monster kangaroo beasts creatively known as “kangas.” They jump high into the sky as if taking flight. In fact, they can even flight into outer space. How do they survive out there? With special lungs that allow them to hold their breath, of course! Because that’s how comic book science works, guys.



2. Hercules Pulled a Fast One On Them
Hercules is pretty awesome in his own right. You only need to see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first major movie Hercules Goes Bananas to realize this is the truth. But he’s also kind of a jerk. Just ask Wonder Woman’s mom Hippolyta. It went down like this: Hercules makes his way to Themyscira to steal the Golden Girdle of Gaea, a gift from the goddesses to Hippolyta that gave the Amazon women their super powers. Hippolyta totally didn’t want him to take it, so she challenges him to a fight and wins! But for some reason instead of punishing him she…invites him to party with her and the ladies??? Dumb idea indeed! After the celebrations, Hercules and his dudes drugged the women and promptly stole the Golden Girdle! Oh my!!!

3. Paradise Island Was Meant Serve as Punishment
After the women were stupid enough to be tricked by Hercules into giving up the Golden Girdle, the gods responded by banishing them from the World of Men. Seems like kind of a harsh punishment, no? Except that they were sent to Paradise Island! Way to go, gods!

4. They are Immortal on Their Island
Let’s get back to Paradise Island for a moment. As long as the Amazon Women stay on the island, they cannot age or die from natural causes. This explains why Wonder Woman is 5,000 years old and still looking super hot. Being immortal would be terrible if you had to watch all of your mortal friends and relatives eventually die. But since the Amazon Women all get to live forever together, it’s yet another ridiculous punishment-but-not-really from the gods.

5. They Are All-Powerful
Being immortal is a pretty sweet deal by itself, but the Amazon Women have every power imaginable. They are quick. They are agile. They are strong and possess super stamina. However, like almost all superheroes, they have a weakness: they wear the Bracelets of Submission that renders them powerless when bound together.

6. They Are Based On Real Life People
Well, sort of. There is archeological evidence of the existence of warrior women who were pretty handy with weaponry, fighting and kangarooback riding. Okay, that last one is pure fiction. But they really were regarded as brave and valorous.

7. Supergirl Was Bestowed the Title Of Honorary Amazon
Okay, it only makes sense to end this list on a silly note, if we haven’t reached that point already. So when Supergirl made her way to Earth, Wonder Woman and other skilled Amazon Warrior named Artemis taught her how to fight. But let’s be honest: if you are invincible, can fly, and the mere act of blowing would be enough to send your enemies hurling off in the other direction, how much proper training do you actually need? In any event, for all of this she given the title of honorary Amazon, sort of like the way colleges give celebrities honorary degrees, I suppose.