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7 Spine-Chilling Mysteries from India


India’s culture is among the most ancient in the world and is rich with gods, monsters, demons and all kinds of deities. It’s a country where people take supernatural for granted and don’t doubt for a second there are things and creatures more powerful than human beings and that karma makes all things happen. So it comes as no surprise that in a country like this there are mysteries that cannot be solved neither by scientists, nor by priests and philosophers. Here are 7 mind-bending mysteries of India.

Behind The Taj Mahal Story
Taj Mahal is a world famous building and it seems that there could be nothing wrong with it. Yet some historians believe that the mausoleum for the deceased wife of Shah Jahan wasn’t built from scratch. Evidence says there might have been a temple that’s 300 years older than Shah Jahan and his claims for Taj Mahal. He might have just re-purposed the place and dedicated it to his wife. After all, it’s not too unusual for Indian kings to seize enemy temples and use them as they please.

The Jodhpur Boom
2012 was a hectic year for many countries and India was not an exception. On December 18, 2012, citizens of Jodhpur heard a deafening sound that reminded of a huge explosion. But there was no visible source for that and even a thorough investigation didn’t find anything – no plane crash or something of that sort. In fact, the whole month was packed with mysterious booms that were witnessed all over the globe – from Great Britain to the United States. Each of them remains unexplained.

Prahlad Jani
We all know that a person cannot survive long without food and water, yet there are some people who managed to find a way to live without that kind of sustenance. Prahlad is a devotee of Amba, a known Indian deity. He claims that he has completely given up on food and has lived like that for over 70 years. Scientists decided to test him and observed Prahlad Jani for 15 days 24/7. Much to everyone’s surprise, the man never drank or ate anything, yet had absolutely no symptoms of starvation. His survival is a real mystery.

9 Unknown Men
As hazy as it may sound, 9 Unknown Men is a real thing and millions of people believe they are not a myth. If you’re into Illuminati, then you’ll appreciate the story of these guys as well. As the legend goes, this secret society was founded by Emperor Ashoka back in 273 BC after a bloody battle that has taken away thousands of lives. Back then most of scientific finds and technologies were used for evil deeds during warfare, so he decided to make all natural sciences secret. 9 Unknown Men became keepers of books with the most important, yet dangerous, knowledge. They were to preserve this knowledge and never let it get into wrong hands. Some say that those books contained secrets of time travel and anti-gravity.

The Cursed Village Of Kuldhara
We’ve all heard stories about villages that were totally okay one day, but then became abandoned the next. This is exactly what happened to the Indian village of Kuldhara. This 500-year-old settlement was inhabited by more than 1,500 people that simply disappeared from the face of Earth. Some say that they simply left and that probably had something to do with government issues, yet others believe that the place is cursed. Rumor has it that everyone who stays there to live dies a brutal death. Paranormal investigators think the village is haunted and have captured weird activity there. The village remains uninhabited until today.

Kodinhi – The Village Of Twin Babies
A small, yet unique village in Kerala is home to the most incredible phenomenon. This place has an incredible amount of twins! There are about 2,000 families in this village with 250 sets of twins that were registered officially, although scientists believe there may be even more. The number of twins born here increases each year and there seems to be no explanation as to why this is happening. What makes this story even more remarkable is the fact that twins are pretty rare in India – only 4 children out of 1,000 births are born as twins.

A Reincarnation
Many people believe that children have memories of their past lives, but as they grow older they soon forget all about them. Yet this was not the case with Shanti Devi who could remember her past life in all the details and at the age of 4 claimed that here parents were not her real ones. Young Shanti remembered exactly who she was – a woman named Ludgi who died during childbirth. Shanti’s parents were so amazed and disturbed that they decided to see if the story was true. They actually found the family of their daughter from the ‘past life’! Ludgi did live and die just as Shanti described. Shanti Devi later became a great scholar and teacher.