7 Signs You Should Spend The Rest of Your Life With Your Girlfriend


Relationships are pretty easy to come by these days. We have things like Tinder, even Facebook has a dating room app thing because of COVID,… It’s easier than ever before to meet new people, yet it seems like many people struggle with finding a relationship that’s worth fighting for.

Because we like to help, below are some signs that you should look for when dating a girl to see if she’s truly worth spending the rest of your life with. Not all need apply, but ideally most of them should.

She Makes You A Better Person

I mean, there’s not very few people in life you’ll meet that actively make you want to become a better person. And regardless of who this person is, he or she is worth keeping around for the majority of your days.

She Makes You Think About The Future

Having plans that reach further in life than what bar you’ll get drunk in next, is a good thing. If someone makes you actively contemplate the future and how you want to shape it, your life will be so much better in the end. Sure, getting drunk in bars is fun, but we all have to settle down sometime.

She Makes You Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, apart from actual medicine. If a girl can’t make you laugh, get rid of her. Seriously. If nothing else on this list works, at least make sure you get this part right. Having a partner that you can’t goof around with is pure torture.

She Is Part of Everything You Do

If you’re doing something, it’s either with her or for her. You can still hang out with the boys every now and then, sure, but normal daily life is something you do for your relationship. Scratch that, it’s something you want to do for your relationship.

She’s Amazing When She’s Awful, Too

All you need in life is a person you can be around when they’re having an awful day. If you ever find a girl that you can be in the same room with when she’s throwing a tantrum over something that probably objectively isn’t that bad, marry that girl.

She’s Your Priority

If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, you have to make her your priority. Absolutely have to. And let’s be honest, is she really the one you should be with if you don’t want to put her in the first place? I mean, it’s the least you could expect, right?

She Connects With You Spiritually

Every spirit is different and most spirits are generally horrible, so you have to hang on to any girl that connects with your spirit and doesn’t turn and run. Her spirit may not be perfect either, but if it can keep yours in check, she’s probably a keeper.