7 Richest Universities in the World


It’s a well known fact that if you’re trying to get a top grade education in today’s society, it’s probably going to cost you a hefty penny. There’s loads of countries in the world where getting an education is pretty much equal to starting your life off with a huge debt. The other side of this story usually implies that if your education costs so much, the universities involved have a huge source of income in its students. Pretty much the only other source of income universities have, come from gifts.

Let’s take a look at the richest universities in the world. And by “richest”, I mean “with the highest market value”. Oh and I’ll start off with a small spoiler: due to how the American educational system works, all their universities are some of the richest in the world.

University of Texas System

While this university isn’t really well-known or considered a “top tier” university, the reason it has a $30,9 billion market value is because it has a lot more students than most expensive, exclusive universities do. Simple reason is that, as the name implies, it’s a university system and not a single institution. The system contains 8 universities, which means they’re kind of cheating but I’ll allow them on this list anyway.

University of Texas System | 7 Richest Universities in the World | Brain Berries

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Also known as MIT, this university has a market value of $16,5 billion. That’s not even half of what some other big universities have, but it’s still considered to be the best university if you want a technical-oriented degree, like computer sciences for example.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | 7 Richest Universities in the World | Brain Berries

Princeton University

At a market value of $25,9 billion, Princeton University is the smallest of the big universities, financially speaking. Their market value is showing an amazing rise however, having grown almost 9% in a single year.

Princeton University | 7 Richest Universities in the World | Brain Berries

Harvard University

I’m guessing it’s not a surprise to anyone that this one made the list. Their value is about $38,3 billion. In case you were wondering, that officially makes them the richest university in the world. As a comparison, the wealthiest British university, Cambridge, has a market value of only £4 billion.

Harvard University | 7 Richest Universities in the World | Brain Berries

Stanford University

Still in the high numbers, Stanford has a comfortable market value of $26,46 billion. It may not seem like much considering some of the other numbers that are getting thrown around here, but it’s still good enough to get them a solid spot as one of the top five richest universities in the world.

Stanford University | 7 Richest Universities in the World | Brain Berries

University of Pennsylvania

This modest $13,8 billion university is another strong grower. In a single year, their value has increased nearly 13%, which is just amazing if you think about it. If they can keep this up for a few years, it won’t be long until they’re on the top of this list.

University of Pennsylvania | 7 Richest Universities in the World | Brain Berries

Yale University

Yale only has a somewhat modest market value of $29,4 billion, which is kind of surprising. Their biggest competitor, Harvard, has a value that’s almost a third higher. I guess that makes honest competition pretty much impossible, right?