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7 Of The Most Famous Queens In History


Behind every great man is a great woman, but who stands behind great women? Well, no one does. Our history books have seen quite a few queens, and the greatest queens we can imagine have always been great because of what they did – not their husbands.

Let’s take a look at some queens that had an amazing impact on history – good or bad.

Elizabeth II

Still alive at nearly 100 years old, there isn’t a person alive that doesn’t know the Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. She’s always been a tough cookie and age hasn’t made her any softer.


Too much can be too much, and then there’s too much that’s barely enough for Marie-Antoinette. She died in the French revolution, but we still don’t know whether her decadent lifestyle was her own choice or forced upon her by her peers.


The second most famous Egyptian queen, Nefertiti was mostly known for introducing monotheism to Egypt and for being one of the few women that allegedly ruled as pharaoh alone.

Rani of Jhansi

This Indian queen played a huge role in helping India break free from their British leaders. Sadly this fight against the British Eastern Indian Company is also what killed her.

Rani of Jhansi | 7 Of The Most Famous Queens In History | Brain Berries
Rani of Jhansi #2 | 7 Of The Most Famous Queens In History | Brain Berries

Catherine The Great

This German-turned-Russian queen is probably most responsible for turning Russia into a modern nation that is still feared all over the world.


What else could we say about Cleopatra that you don’t already know? She was revered for her beauty and was the sole ruler of Ancient Egypt. Her wealth and ambition knew no bounds.


Queen Victoria is perhaps Britain’s most famous and culturally significant royal. Her nine children were used for imperialistic purposes, getting married to ruling monarchies of different European countries.