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7 of the Greatest Fights in Comic Book History


Comic book stories are incredibly diverse and unique, but most of them are generally about superheroes fighting bad guys, saving the world. Which is what we’ll be looking at today. I tried to avoid the obvious iconic fights like Superman/Doomsday or Cap/Iron Man, so maybe you’ll find something new here.

These are some of the greatest fights in comic book history!

1. World War Hulk vs The Sentry

After being sent to another planet, conquering it, and coming back to Earth, Hulk was pretty mad at Stark, Richards, and the rest of the Illuminati. The only being capable of stopping Worldbreaker Hulk at that time was the superhero Sentry — one of Marvel’s attempts to create a Superman-like character. Sentry was mentally unstable and couldn’t control his powers, but he had to stop the Hulk. During their epic brawl, the two titans have destroyed half a city with their powerful blows, but in the end, the Hulk, who turned back into Banner, had barely won.

2. Invincible vs Conquest

Invincible is one of the best superhero comics ever written, and this gory fight proves it. Viltrumites are trying to assimilate the planet and send their most powerful warrior, Conquest, to speed things up and teach Mark, aka Invincible, a valuable lesson about resisting. The fight starts with a few blows from the hero, but we quickly understand that uncle Conqueror is just toying with him. Limbs get broken, teeth and blood fly in every direction — it seems like Invincible can’t do anything. But then he runs his hand right through Mark’s girlfriend, Eve, and that’s where things change.

3. Captain America and Hydra Supreme

This one comes from the Secret Empire arc, where an evil doppelganger has replaced Cap (the one where Captain America said “Hail Hydra”). In issue #10, the real Steve Rogers comes back and starts kicking Hydra butts. His first enemy — Hydra Supreme, wearing a knock-off Iron Man armor and rocking Cap’s shield. After an exchange of blows, Hydra Supreme tries to pick up Mjolnir, but the enchantment doesn’t work. It comes the real Rogers, lifts the hammer with ease, and knocks the fool out with a smash!

4. Sinestro vs Mongul

This fight made me respect Sinestro way more than I should. So Mongul, a cosmic villain who once defeated Superman, has been rampaging on Sinestro’s home planet wearing Yellow Lantern rings. In the final battle, when Mongul was pummeling on the severely outmatched Sinestro, he must have forgotten who created those rings. And at that moment, the villain realized his mistake, but it was too late, as a dozen yellow spikes pierced his body, and Sinestro finished him off with a giant battery.

5. Cosmic King Thor vs Galactus

In the most recent Thor comic, the God of Thunder teamed up with Galactus in an attempt to beef him up and prepare for the coming of Black Winter. And there’s only one way to do that, apparently — devour five specific planets. However, when Thor, who is now also the Herald of Galactus, finds out that one of the planets is full of life, he refuses to let his new boss consume it. One thing leads to another, and the fight breaks out. In the following five issues of the comic, the build-up is growing, and in the end, Thor just drains the big guy’s Power Cosmic and obliterates the poor bastard.

6. Hellboy vs Koshchei the Deathless

Koshchei is an old Russian fairy tale character who was said to be immortal as long as his soul was intact. In the Hellboy comic, that soul was the reason why he joined forces with Baba Yaga and attempted to slay Hellboy. The old witch found his soul inside the goat and basically blackmailed the old warlord. During their brawl in the dreamscape, Hellboy not only sticks a sword in Koshchei but also manages to chop his head off. But that epithet clearly wasn’t just a bunch of folk tales, as Kosh catches his falling head like it’s just another Wednesday, however, Hellboy is already gone. A few pages later, Koshchei catches up and kills the kid who was helping Hellboy. Having no other choice, Hellboy uses the child’s magical comb and throws it at the Deathless. Upon hitting the ground, the comb turns into a birch grove, growing straight through Koshchei’s body. Baba Yaga then buffs her champion with every last bit of power she had, turning him into a fiery giant, and the fists go flying again. With her magick running dry, Koshchei falls. Finally, at peace.

(If you couldn’t tell, Hellboy is my favorite comic.)

7. Spawn vs Malebolgia

In the 100th issue of Spawn, our main hero goes down to the depths of hell itself to find and kill the one demon responsible for his misery — Malebolgia, who is at this time a Hell King. He just shows up and starts smacking the gigantic demon boss, which in itself is incredible since the Hell Kings are pretty much all-powerful in their domain. The fight continues, and Spawn gets his skull utterly crushed by Malebolgia. But this is where Angela comes in and chucks her angelic spear right into the demon’s throat. Whew! It’s all over no-… *Swish!* Her own spear thrown back at the warrior by the Hell King pierces her chest, seemingly killing her. Seeing his dear friend get impaled throws Spawn into a fit of blind rage. He grabs Angela’s divine sword and charges at Malebolgia with extreme speed, then hacks off his head like it was nothing. Badassery overload!