7 Nose Shapes That Reveal Secrets about Your Personality


Ah yes, the nose. The most prominent feature of pretty much every face (unless something’s gone horribly wrong with your other facial features), and yet we pay so little attention to it.

Turns out there’s quite a bunch of nose “types” that you can distinguish. Some people would have you believe that the shape of one’s nose actually says something about their character, intellect or even success in life, but let’s not fool ourselves. This level of pseudo-science would barely reach the level of astrology or phrenology, and we’re better than that. Or at least we can pretend to be.

Let’s take a look at some nose types!



The Hawk Nose
Also known as “the pointy one”. It’s generally associated with witches, so whoever told you that it was attractive is a huge liar. It’s the worst nose to have, hands down. But these people are the natural born leaders.



The Greek Nose
This is a pretty normal nose. Contrary to most other nose types, this one is actually visually appealing and it doesn’t look weird in any way. It has a good length, width and depth to it without being overly prominent on the face. Just perfect! People with this nose type are wise and very practical.

The Nubian Nose
It’s a somewhat flatter and wider nose. It’s very common with people of African descent, so you can expect to see this on people like Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kanye West and Barack Obama. People with this nose type are quite expressive and optimistic.

The Roman Nose
This one has the slightly bumpy nose bridge. It’s fairly common to see this, and it’s also fairly common for people with a Roman nose to remove the bump whenever they get a nose job. Not saying you should, just saying it happens. People with this nose type are great friends and best parents.

The Nixon Nose
You know you have a bad nose when they name an entire type after you. Watergate was bad enough, but that nose is some next level catastrophe, isn’t it?
People with this nose type are sly and manipulative.

The Fleshy Nose
It’s when your nose is almost perfect but then the tip decides to collect all sorts of fat and just hang it there. Right in front of your face, for everyone to see. People with this nose type aren’t afraid to take risks and defend their views passionately.

The Celestial Nose
This one points upwards like a star. Not necessarily in a bad way – this type of nose just has a dent on the bridge which makes the tip point upwards. No other deformities to speak of. It’s one of the most common types of noses.