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7 Ancient Mexican Artifacts That Could Have Been Made by Aliens


Ancient civilizations that used to exist on the territory of modern day Mexico have left hundreds of relics and artifacts, some of which are of unknown origin. Many people still wonder whether Mayans and Aztecs could have created these amazing objects by themselves. Did they, perhaps, have some help from beings that were much more developed than we could ever imagine? This would explain the vast knowledge pre-Columbian cultures had about space and stars. Here are a few finds that might prove that humans had contact with extraterrestrial beings in the past.



Ancient Aeroplanes
Pre-Columbian civilizations left us some really mysterious trinkets. If such ‘aeroplanes’ were found nowadays, we wouldn’t think much of them. But what about thousands of years ago, when the whole notion of flying and rising into the air was as mythical as the gods themselves? Yet here they are – small golden figures that painstakingly resemble modern day planes and rockets. These zoomorphic statues have what appears to be landing gears, stabilizing tails and wings.

Maya Artifacts
In 2012, Mexican Government released a number of ancient Maya Artifacts that were kept a secret for almost 80 years. They came from a pyramid under a pyramid in Calakmul, and depict space-related images and flying vehicles. On the picture you can see something that reminds an astronaut that controls an aircraft, and an asteroid or a comet heading towards Earth. This is one of the most puzzling finds we’ve ever seen!

Alien Figurines
Whether it is a hoax or a carefully planned advertising move, but we should give it to the Mexican government – these artifacts look pretty damn impressive. Being part of the controversial documentary released in 2012, they depict carvings that remind of a spacecraft and figurines that look astonishingly alien.

Quetzalcoatl’s Tools
According to Popol Vuh, a kind of Mesoamerican Bible, Quetzalcoatl had weird tools that allowed him to perform unfathomable things. He bestowed these tools upon Tulas (also known as Olmecs) who then used them for massive mining work in the Andes. These tools were supposedly used to cut the huge stones for Mayan and Aztec urban centers. Tula statues, as well as a number of Quetzalcoatl depictions, show a certain tool that seems to be hidden in a holster.

Ancient Astronauts
Those who believe that ancient civilizations had contact with extraterrestrial beings will see proof of that everywhere. Yet it’s hard to deny the fact that these depictions look awfully suspicious. Here we have one of the ‘classic’ Mayan steles with what seems to be an astronaut wearing a helmet with tubes that connect it to the suit.

Landing Platforms of Teotihuacan
The ancient city of Teotihuacan existed around 100 BC and has more than a few mysteries of its own. Scientists and historians still can’t explain what these flat platforms were used for. Without any chambers or religious symbols on top, they very well could have been used as vertical landing platforms for aircrafts.

Pacal’s Rocket
King Pacal’s sarcophagus lid has proven to be one of the most controversial archaeological finds ever made. Some believe that this is the depiction of King Pacal on his journey to the underground world, yet ancient astronaut theorists insist that this is an actual spaceship with King Pacal controlling it. He seems to be operating some joysticks and levers inside a cockpit of a spacecraft. It really reminds the modern day engine’s exhaust system.