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6 of The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For This Year


Hurray, Halloween is upon us! That means one lovely night of watching old horror movies underneath a warm blanket, eating pop corn and hoping no kids come to visit your house begging for candy.

If your idea of having a good time is more in the “visiting strangers begging for candy” region (or a costume party), we might have a few suggestions for you so you can dress to impress.

The Joker

I mean, the movie’s all over the news, it’s hard to imagine this costume won’t be freakishly popular this Halloween.

Any MCU Character

If Disney did anything good for Marvel, it surely was the marketing aspect. Expect to see at least two full Endgame casts at whichever costume party you’re going to.

Donald Trump

I mean, if the entire idea of your costume is to scare children, wouldn’t Donald Trump suit that purpose just fine?


Make everybody at the party float and hand out balloons! Such a jolly good fellow to have at your party, isn’t he?


Chucky’s back to create an entirely new generation of people scared of dolls, so I guess the Chucky costumes are going to see a major bump in sales. Don’t dress a grown man in these, though. It just looks … weird.

A … Dinosaur?

For some reason these costumes are always freakishly popular for Halloween dress-ups. I have no idea why, I’m just saying what it is.