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6 Most Mind-Shattering Arctic Discoveries


Ice is cool and all, but it has one huge drawback – it melts. And the supposedly “never-melting” Arctic ice is at its core just that – ice, crystallized H2O. And as the temperature continues to rise, thanks to the numb-nuts running the freon factories, and us, a bit smaller, yet still numerous, driving petroleum-powered cars. Little by little we’re destroying what’s left of our planet, but at least that’s what helped discover some of the weird stuff going on deep inside the Arctic glaciers. Prepare to have your mind blown!



1. Enormous Sea Spiders
In case you thought you were safe from spiders underwater… sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not getting away that easily. Especially if you’re about to dive in the Arctic/Antarctic circle (or somewhere in the Caribbean, or Mediterranean seas). The ones living in colder waters are a great example of Polar gigantism. These beasts can grow up the 30-35 inches. At the very least, these monsters mean no harm to us, and are closer to lobsters than tarantulas.

2. The Weird Chimaera Fish
This creature is one of the most remarkable fish in the world, and it doesn’t even look all that important. Why is it so elusive then? Well, that’s probably because it likes to swim around at 660-8500 feet deep. Because of its elongated schnoz, the marine biologists are calling it the Pinocchio fish. Oh, and also, if you decide to swim around with this dude, be wary of its dorsal fin, as it has a venomous spike, so no heavy petting.

3. Hidden Nazi Base
Last year, in October, Russian scientists discovered something extraordinary – a hidden military base in the Arctic! As clickbaity as it sounds, and I can’t confirm or deny anything, it seems to be the truth. After seven decades of chilling in the middle of nowhere, the scientists have found over 500 various items, including bullets, papers, and even war bunkers.

4. Unknown Arctic Nation/ Ancient Civilization
Only a couple of years ago, we found traces of something incredible – a medieval civilization, that lived South of the Arctic Circle. And if the rumors are to be trusted, these people were somehow linked to ancient Persians. The explorers have found perfectly mummified bodies, wrapped in birch bark, copper and furs. Or at least what’s left of them. Over 30 tombs were excavated so far and even now the archeologists are not done with the site, unearthing more and more fascinating artifacts.

5. The Crimson Falls
What do you do when an Arctic glacier starts spewing blood? That’s right, you pray to whatever deity you believe in, and hope for the best… Or you realize it can’t possibly be blood and you’re looking at hyper-salinated water, rich in iron. Because iron usually equals red. But still, even knowing that it’s not actual blood, does not make this view any less terrifying.

6. New Species Of Bee
Meet the fluffiest of bees – Bombus glacialis. It was discovered over 100 years ago on the Novaya Zemlya island. Entomologists believe that this little bee is the only insect to have survived the Ice Age. And, by the way, its DNA looks nothing like the regular bumblebee’s, which makes it even more special.

What other mysteries remain frozen beneath miles and miles of never-melting Arctic ice? We may never know…