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5 Tastylicious Philippine Sweets Straight From Your Childhood


No matter if you are from China, the United States or Philippines, there’s at least one thing that we all had in common when we were kids – our love for all things sweet. Now, unless you are somehow allergic to sugar, in which case, please accept my condolences – you technically had no childhood, all you ever wanted as a child were those delicious candies. And, depending on where you lived during the 90’s you may or may not remember many of the candies mentioned below.

This is a list of some of the tastiest Filipino treats enjoyed by at least two generations. If you’re thinking “hey, aren’t those all old and I won’t be able to find them in stores anymore?”, you’d be partially correct, as they really are pretty old, *but* they are still available today!



“Iskrambol” – Ice Scramble
Let’s start with something cool, like, maybe, the legendary, mouth-watering “Ice Scramble”. This pink slushy miracle was almost as good as any modern ice cream, and sometimes even better! Originally “iskrambol” was made from shaved ice, some milk powder, and, of course, chocolate syrup, slowly evolving into Ice Scramble you can find today in local malls and popular stalls like Manila Scramble, BuzBox Scrambles, and Scramble Mania.
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Choc Nut
Tell me, what has crushed peanuts, milk, cocoa powder, and cane sugar? Correct, it’s one of the all-time favorites – Choc Nut. This isn’t just any chocolate bar, in fact, it’s so unique it can be compared to the likes of Hershey’s and M&M chocolates. All you need is one tiny bite of this delicious peanut-chocolate to get those nostalgic memories rolling.
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Mik-Mik Sweetened Milk Powder
Unlike the Western countries, where it’s all about the orange juice, the 90’s kids in the Philippines had these bad boys. Mik-Mik is a sachet of delectable sweetened milk powder, that you were supposed to pour into a glass of water, but we all know most of you enjoyed it as is.
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Haw Haw Milk Powder Candy
What can be better than a glass of warm fatty milk? Well, have you ever tried this tasty treat? Letting Haw Haw candy melt inside your mouth is like going straight back to your childhood, and thanks to its adorable bovine mascot, many people actually thought that Haw Haw was a great alternative to a glass of milk.
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White Rabbit Creamy Candy
What for some it was just a throwaway, bland, nougat candy. But others just couldn’t stop munching on this mouth-watering, creamy treat, covered in rice paper. Did you know you didn’t even need to fully unwrap itm as the rice paper was edible? Oh, it was a perfect candy, except for that part where their slogan claimed that 7 White Rabbit candies equaled 1 cup of milk, which led to one of the biggest scandals the company has ever faced. But, let bygones be bygone. The White Rabbit returned to the stores in 2009 and now you can taste this sweet, delightful treat anytime you want!
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So, what’s your favorite childhood candy?