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20 Freakiest Car Crashes


Are you a big fan of bizarre and sometimes funny car crashes? Me neither, but someone has to tell you not to drink and drive, not to text and drive, or, basically, not to do anything but watch the road. One little distraction and BAM your car is french-kissing a tree and you’ve spilled your fresh non-fat half-caff pumpkin latte.



Day ruined. And nobody wants that. Here, treat what you see below as a PSA, try to be a better driver. A safer driver.



All right, let’s begin with this picture of pure hatred. Someone really isn’t a fan of this car. I don’t want to point any fingers, but *points up* it might have been that guy.



When papa-car really loves mama-car, they’re ready to make a baby-car. And that’s where Smarts come from, kids.

When you drive a Koenigsegg, you can probably afford a dent or a few scratches, but this… This hurts my eyes.
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How in the world did he manage to pull this one off? Or was there a certain wizard practicing his or her Leviosa pronunciation?



Lambos aren’t as rare as the Koenigsegg, but what kind of parents give their teen daughter keys to a brand new chromed Lamborghini Gallardo as a birthday present?



Naturally, the Lambo didn’t stand a chance.

Um, sir, you dropped something. You better pick up your car’s poop, sir!



Apparently, some Cinderella was changing her shoes while the engine was still running, and she managed to hit the pedal to the metal, nearly falling into the river. Don’t be stupid, people!
freakiest_car_crashes_10 freakiest_car_crashes_11

Is it made of tin foil? It definitely looks that way. Could be one of those modern artsy projects.



This is why I have trust issues about female drivers. Nothing personal, but I’d rather walk, than have some bimbo ruin a couple of freshly-restored cars with her Lexus.
freakiest_car_crashes_13 freakiest_car_crashes_14

This is your cat when you try to pet him. And don’t even try to deny it.



Electric cars are pretty safe, unless you drive like a moron. You know what she told the cops? “I hit gas instead of breaks”.
freakiest_car_crashes_16 freakiest_car_crashes_17

Aww, it’s hugging a street sign! That’s so adorable!



It’s garbage day!

RIP Bugatti, we’ll miss your vroom-vrooms. Those monsters will pay for what they did to you.



Whatever this was, it’s half price off now!

70% off.



You drive a hard bargain, 90% off!

Uhh… free?

Here’s $20, just take it!

But, seriously, this is insane. High speed and immovable objects are usually not the best combo. Physics is a cold-hearted biatch. Drive safe, you guys, don’t be stupid.
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