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15 Reasons Why Pope Francis Is One of the Best People in the World


The pope is one of those titles that, in my opinion, make our society dwell in the past instead of moving forwards to the stars. I may get some heat for saying this, but I really think religion as a concept is what’s holding us back. Why am I telling you this? I need you to understand that even though I personally am not a religious person, I can’t help but feel the utmost respect for pope Francis’s worldview, what he did for this world, and his attitude towards people in general. Which basically is what Christianity is all about – don’t be a dick to people and do to others as you’d have them to do to you. It’s such an easy rule to follow, and yet, here we are – killing, raping, torturing, seriously considering Trump for the president. Bad humanity, bad!



Anyway, now that we’ve got all that covered, let’s get to the list itself, as I’m 99% sure you’ll love Pope Francis even more after this, and, hopefully, his actions will inspire you to do more good.



Here are but a few Francis’s firsts: he is the first Jesuit pope from the Americas, and the Southern Hemisphere, and the first non-European pope since the Syrian Gregory III in 741, which is a mind-blowing achievement on its own!

He’s got only one functioning lung, as he had a part of his right lung removed in his youth due to an infection. Currently he appears to be in good health even at 79, but now you know even the pope isn’t perfect.

He’s a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and has read almost all of his works. He particularly fancies Frodo and Bilbo and uses their stories as an example of hopeful heroes, called to walk a difficult path in the everlasting fight between good and evil.

Before becoming a Jesuit, Pope Francis wa a club bouncer in a Buenos Aries bar. He needed that job to help pay for his studies.

He did one of the most important masses of the year in a prison chapel, and kissed the feet of the prisoners.

He’s all for protection of the Amazon rainforest and does what he can to help that situation.

One time he called and personally comforted a rape victim.

Francis often leaves the Vatican at night to help feed the homeless.

He hugged and kissed Vinicio Riva who has a genetic neurofibromatosis, a horrible genetic disorder.

Even encouraged the cooperation between Christians and Muslims. Come on, we’re all just humans, we can live in peace, let’s just not be dicks to each other!

After being elected the Pope in 2013, Francis decided not to live in the luxurious papal residence in the Apostolic Palace. Instead he chose to remain in the much humbler Vatican guesthouse, where he is able to receive visitors and hold important meetings. He is also the 1st pope since Pope Pius X to live outside the official papal apartments.

In 2013, Pope Francis was featured in the American news magazine “Time”, as the Person of the Year, a very prestigious title, given to those who influenced the events of that year the most.

The Pontiff was given an actual Harley-Davidson motorcycle after blessing hundreds of Harley owners and their metal steeds in St. Peter’s Square. Naturally, he sold the bike at an auction that helped the homeless. Be more like Francis.

Unlike his predecessors Francis, being a cardinal with access to the renowned Archbishop chef, prefers to cook his own meals in his small apartment. He even made an unexpected visit to the Vatican cafeteria, so he could eat with local workers. That’s really humbling.

And finally, Pope Francis came out strong against the outrageous sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He has branded the abuse of children by priests as an ugly crime, stating he would show zero tolerance for anyone in the church who perpetrated such horrendous crimes against children.