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15 Music Stars Before They Became Famous


Thanks, internet! You never forgive and you never forget. Because of your cold ruthlessness, we can watch embarrassing youth photos belonging to pretty much everyone! And no matter what the initial reason for inventing the Internet was (hint: communication for the US Army in the 70s), you’ve evolved into the biggest awkward photo library in the universe.
Of course we wouldn’t be decent human beings if we didn’t use this technology to its full potential and dug up some awkward pre-celebrity status photographs of musicians. Enjoy.



For example: who knew Eminem looked like an average dorky white kid when he was young?



Now everyone does. Thank you very much, technology. Thank you very much indeed. But we could’ve seen that one coming, let’s pick a better one. Enrique Iglesias, is that you?
He can be your hero, baby.

Now let’s make everyone feel a little better about themselves. Those girls that always look perfect because they have a 12-man staff that spends 40 hours a week (it’s an actual fulltime job) making sure they look perfect; I wonder how they looked before they got famous:


Lana Del Rey



Gwen Stefani










Avril Lavigne

Kylie Minogue



Katy Perry



Britney Spears

But let’s not forget that men spend a lot of time on their image too. I mean, some of these genuinely look like kids that got bullied in high school all the time. But they’re rich now, so it’s all good.


Marilyn Manson
Turns out he’s always had something metal going on with his teeth. Who knew.



Ozzy Osbourne
Look at mr. Osbourne, being a proper citizen and all. This was long before the side-effects of having lots of money turned him into the Prince of Darkness he is today. And also before he bit a bat’s head off.

Adam Levine
The tattoos can’t hide those boyish looks, young man. Neither can the high-pitched voice.



Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg in a suit, I think we can end it here. I’m done, guys. Pull the plug.