15 Most Stunning Movie Theaters Around The World


Every time you visit your movie theater you probably wonder how other, way fancier, cinemas look like. And let me tell you this, unless you’re living near one of the theaters we’re about to show you, they can get incredibly luxurious. I’m kind of curious about the entrance fee for some of them. Either way, I’d definitely pay an extra few bucks to visit one of these 15 most stunning theaters in the world and see if all the legends and stories about them are true.



1. Sci-fi Dine-in Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, USA
Los Angeles has countless amazing museums, concert venues, and other cultural hot-spots, but the Sci-fi Dine-in theater is one of those “one look is worth a thousand words” kinda things, as you can probably tell.



2. Olympia Music Hall, Paris,France
This used to be a neat music hall, but I gotta say it looks so much better with all the beds there! Every movie is great if you can take a quick nap while watching it.



3. Hot Tub Cinema, London, UK
If I could watch a movie in a pool while sipping on some wine, I’d probably drown.

4. Film On The Rocks, Red Rocks, Denver, Colorado
It’s primarily used as a music venue but you can see the screen from hundreds of feet away, and the sound quality is truly remarkable. At least I hope it is.



5. The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing, China
Aww, it’s so fancy…

6. Riverbed Cinema For Dokufest In Prizren, Kosovo
You gotta love open-air theaters!



7. Fox Theater, Detroit, Michigan
One of the biggest and most popular theaters in the US, this venue has featured some of the biggest names in show business!



8. Cinema City, Jerusalem, Israel
This may not be the biggest theater, but man does it look amazing!

9. Arena, Pula, Croatia
This theater may be the only remaining piece of Roman architecture in Croatia, and it looks majestic. Built almost 2000 years ago, it’s in the top six arenas still in good shape today.



10. 4DX, Seoul, South Korea
Here’s the first 4-D movie theater in the world.

11. Electric Cinema, Notting Hill, London
Here’s one of the oldest working theaters in London, nay, the entire United Kingdom!



12. Cineteca Del Matadero, Madrid, Spain
Light it up, Madrid!



13. The Bijou Theater, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
Can you believe there are only 202 seats in this venue/movie theater?

14. Rajmandir Theatre, Jaipur, India
Just look at that freaking interior design!



15. The Rex, Berkhamsted, UK
And we’re back to Englad! Gorgeous!