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15 Breathtaking Photos From The Pilot’s Cockpit


Do you like flying? I bet you do! Have you ever seen anything weird while up in the air? I don’t mean UFOs (although that would definitely be cool), but rather different weather phenomena, curious-looking clouds etc. Photographer Santiago Borja Lopez has manage to capture some of the most breathtaking cloud formations straight from his cockpit. Santiago is a pilot working for Ecuador Airlines, and every time he is off-duty, he whips out his trusty camera to capture the most mind-blowing sights that the sky has to offer. From gigantic and fluffy to stormy clouds – this guy’s Instagram has them all!


Let’s look at some of his finest shots, shall we?



1. A cumulonimbus cloud over the Pacific Ocean, at 37,000 feet en route to South America.



2. Stupendous lightning strikes again and again.



3. A storm brewing over the Panama city.

4. Spectacular night flashes above the Atlantic Ocean.



5. Gorgeous starry sky.

6. Nature doing what it’s best at – magic!



7. Colombian Amazonia sky looks fantastic.



8. Tormenta, Coast Of Venezuela, South America.

9. A great shot of the stormy clouds at 2,900 meteres above the surface In Quito, Ecuador.



10. A Sunday morning over Colombian Amazonia.

11. Is that a nuclear explosion in the sky over the Colombian rainforest? Nope, just regular ol’ mushroom clouds.



12. Cloud City, Quito, Ecuador, or is it a fancy necklace? We may never know!



13. When Miami has a clear night…

14. That storm’s raging like crazy!



15. Don’t know where this is, but goddamn it it’s so pretty.