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12 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Female Best Friend


Christmas is coming again. You know what this means? It’s time to buy gifts for your friends and family. You already know what to get Mom and Dad. Your grandpas and grandmas. Siblings. Aunts and uncles. But what about your best friend? Goodness. You’ve forgotten to get her a gift, haven’t you? Fortunately, we’ve got some gift ideas that she is sure to love! Here are 15 of our most recommended.



1. Plush Gray Rabbit
If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “What is the one thing missing in my best friend’s life?” The answer is simple: a super soft plush gray rabbit made by the good folks at Miniso. I personally purchased one was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I named him Furple and he is full if wisdom, patience, and confidence.



2. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
Water is super boring-tasting, yeah? Add some flavor and excitement to your BFF’s life by gifting them a water bottle that allows them to create a holy marriage that unites H2O with kiwi, pineapple, strawberries and whatever else fulfills their fruit-filled fantasies!

3. Sleeping Mask
Whether your friend is traveling on an airplane or has forgotten how to turn off the light switch, a fashionable sleeping mask is just what they need. It gives them a real air of authority, don’t you think?



4. Unicorn Head Wall Mount
If you ask most people, “What would you like for Christmas” no doubt they’d answer “A real life unicorn.” But a very special type of friend would take it to the next level and say, “A unicorn head that I can mount on my wall.” If your friend is the gullible type, you can even claim that you hunted the unicorn yourself that very morning!

5. Tile Mate Key Finder
Is your best friend always absent-mindedly misplacing their smartphone? You basically have two choices: you can either laugh at them for not having access to Twitter until they find their phone again 7 hours later, or you can buy them a tile finder so that they can find it right away! You’ll be considered a really swell pal!



6. Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Maker
If you’ve ever bought a cold coffee brew at Starbucks or Costa or whatever, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty damn expensive! Your best friend certain has. This is why a cold brew is the perfect Christmas gift to satisfy their caffeine addiction and save them some money! Who knows, perhaps they’ll use that extra cash to buy you a cold coffee brew at Starbucks! No, but it sure would be silly, wouldn’t it!

7. Sheet Mask Set
Your best friend is beautiful on the inside, am I correct? But the hottest of her face also matters, you know. Help her maintain her youth and elegance by giving her а Sheet Mask Set!



8. Phone Case
Super cute!

9. Gourmet Sandwich Cookies
You know what is awesome? Sandwich cookies! But I’ll top that by mentioning something even more amazing: GOURMET sandwich cookies! We’re talking about Barnett’s Holiday Gift Basket here. If you change your mind and decide to eat them yourself, we certainly can’t blame you, although you would want to hope that your friend forgets that it’s Christmas.



10. Scratch-Off Travel Map
Is your best friend an amazing world traveler? The scratch-off travel map allows them to keep track of all the countries they’ve visited as well as the ones that they’re banned from.

11. Customized Portable Charger
Imagine this nightmare scenario: you’re out and about with your best friend when their smartphone runs out of battery. Jealous that you didn’t also make the mistake of forgetting to charge your phone, she grabs it from your hand and tosses it into the river! The best way to avoid this is by asking “Santa Claus” (aka “you”) to give her a customized portable charger.



12. Slippers
Looking to get your best friend something that’s practical but also kind of weird/cool? A pair of s’mores heated slippers fits that description. The bad news: they aren’t made of real chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. The good news: her feet won’t care. They just want to stay warm anyway.