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11 Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Fashions Sure To Excite and/or Terrorize You


Here is a list of 11 fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2018-19 that you better latch onto before everybody starts pointing and laughing at you for being hopelessly stuck in 2017-2018 fashions.



1. Club Tropicana
For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough live in Miami or whatever, fall and winter are grey, frosty times indeed. But if you’ve got your WHAM!-inspired tropical printed shirt on, you can pretend like you’re living in paradise even from the comforts of your bedroom in your parent’s basement!



2. Pinstripes
Wearing pinstripes puts you in the same class as the New York Yankees, 1920s gangsters and Jack Skellington! Who wouldn’t be flattered by those kinds of comparisons? Plus it makes you look slimmer, so there’s that.

3. Plaid
Plaid is totally wear it’s at! Who wouldn’t want to resemble a warm blanket that street cafes let you borrow when the weather is chilly but you still want to eat outside.



4. Cardigans
Wearing cardigans used to be limited to three types of people: those named Mr. Rodgers, kindly grandfathers, and dorks. But it’s almost 2019, guys! Times have changed! So rock on with your bad cardigan self!

5. Couture Technicwear
This is the style to go with when you want people to think like you’re this huge, outdoorsy type who climbs mountains on weekends, but deep down you realize that you aren’t fooling anybody.



6. The Layered Look
Are you the indecisive type? Glancing at your three most beloved shirts, four favorite sweaters of different styles, and two trench coats but just can’t figure out which ones to go with? Just throw them all on at once and remind people that the layered look is total hot this season. Then watch them slowly nod their heads before they run like hell.

7. Logos Everywhere
Back in the 1990s the idea of wearing coats, dresses and other clothing with names plastered onto them in large letters so that nobody would forget that they were designed by Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karan was all the rage. Those days are back!!! Word to your mutha!



8. Tiger Print
When it comes to feline print clothing, most people assume that leopard spots are the only option. But those days are over. You aren’t the coolest dude or chick on the block unless you’re decked out in tiger stripes. They’re grrrrrrrreat!

9. American West
It’s not often that people ponder questions like, “Would dressing up like a cowboy get me beaten up?” But when you get fashion designers from New York, Milan and Paris involved, nothing is impossible!



10. Fire Department Jackets
Firefighters are legitimate heroes. Not only do they constantly face the prospect of having to carry people out of burning buildings after being jolted out of bed at 3am, they’re risking their lives in the process. What better way to pay tribute than to prance around in faux firefighter outfits?

11. Padding
Are you prone to being attacked by pit bulls? It’s nothing that a bit of extra padding can’t fix. Plus, the exaggerated puffiness of the coats will make you the envy of aspiring bodybuilders everywhere.