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10 Things Women Do Only When They Are in Love


Everything changes when you fall in love. Well, actually, everything stays the same but your perspective changes and you start seeing things differently and acting differently too. The sun seems to shine brighter, the cold weather outside doesn’t bother you, the rain is no longer a valid reason to cancel plans and stay in. You feel happier and more motivated etc. But then there are some other little things women do when they’re in love. We bet you do this too.

1. Ignore All Other Guys

Once women fall in love they just forget about all the other guys they might’ve fancied before. They just no longer exist to us. That hot guy at work you had a crush on? No longer seems hot or worthy of attention. That barista you used to flirt with all the time? Who is he? We don’t know him.

2. Delete All Dating Apps

Once a woman is on love, she doesn’t want to waste time on stupid dating apps. Who needs to scroll through guys flexing when you’ve got the one already got the best one all to yourself. We just delete all the dating apps and try to forget the time we spent swiping left and right like a bad nightmare.

3. Work Out More Than Ever

Because when we just fall in love we want to be at our best. We know we’re gonna spend a lot of time in bed and we want to look good and feel comfortable and confident in our body. So we’re suddenly up for long walks and willing to go to the gym.

4. Agree To Weird Dates

If the person we’re in love with suggests going camping, hiking or fishing as a date – we might just agree even if we’ve never done it before and sort of feel like it’s not quite our thing (read: we hate it). Because when we’re in love we’re willing to give new things a chance because the person we love is into it.

5. Think Of Exciting Date Ideas

In between the dates suggested by our partner we also spend quite a lot of time thinking of our own cool date ideas. Shall we go to the opera? We’ve never been before but that seems like a fancy idea for a date. Or perhaps we can go to that cool new restaurant that serves everything in test tubes? It’s a unique and exciting experience for a date. Gotta make it memorable and new – that’s the objective.

6. Invite Them In For A Date

Inviting someone to our home for a date is the ultimate sign we’re in love. We want to share our space with you, cook you dinner and get the chance to talk without being interrupted by waiters or loud people at the next table in a restaurant. Staying in always means you’re going to get to know your partner closer.

7. Share The Last Bit Of Dessert

Listen, it’s not just Joey from FRIENDS who doesn’t like to share food. Us women can get pretty protective of our desserts too. But you know you’re in love when you’re willing to give him the last cookie or share the last scoop of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s.

8. Start Caring About Sports

If the person we’re in love with loves sports, there’s a big chance we’ll make an effort to learn about it, remember a few names, go for a game or a match, whatever it is. We’re just trying our best to learn about their interests and keep up.

9. Wear A New Outfit Every Time

Have you noticed that women don’t always dress weather appropriately when they’re in love? There are two reasons for that. First is that we want to look extra nice and wear something new to ever date. And the second is – eventually we run out of weather-appropriate things but still don’t want to repeat an outfit. And hey, showing a bit of skin never hurt anyone on a date.

10. Start Using “We”

That’s when you know you’re really in love and in it for the long run. You tell your best friends all about it and then start to tell everyone you know about your newfound love as well. And somewhere in the process, you start addressing yourself and the person you love as ‘we’. So it’s no longer “They took me on a nice weekend away” it’s now “we went to the countryside”.