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10 Things Scientifically Proven To Attract Women


Since the ability to attract a woman is seen as a greater scientific mystery than alchemy, there have been many studies on this subject. Next time you go to the club in an attempt to seduce a woman (hint: the girls you find in clubs usually aren’t the droids you’re looking for, silly Stormtrooper), take a look at these 10 scientifically proven (I’ve said so twice, so it must be true!) methods to attract the ladies. Or as we call them in “the hood”, women.



10. A Ring
More specifically, a wedding ring! I guess Beyoncé wasn’t lying after all, huh?



09. Beards
Added bonus: no more daily shaving for you, my friend!

08. Playing Guitar
What, you thought Keith Richards got laid because he looks like a Greek god?



07. Deodorant
Not really rocket science here – women like it if you don’t stink that stinky, rutting-buck stink. And so does everyone within an arm’s length of you.

06. A Sense of Humor
Make ‘em laugh, don’t make ‘em cry. Unless you make ‘em cry with laughter. That’s fine. Just make her enjoy herself, I guess.



05. A Deep Voice
If you ever wondered why Barry White’s voice was considered sexy – here you go.

04. Dogs
Yup. Women love dogs. I mean, who doesn’t?

03. Being Altruistic
Or in layman’s terms: don’t be an asshole to other people.



02. Wide Shoulders
Just open any magazine and gaze upon the perfect male physique! Now look down at your beer belly, pat it and give yourself a disappointed look.

01. Height
Because taller men have taller pen… – feet. I meant feet.