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10 Strangest Desserts from Around the Globe


Desserts should always be sweet and tasty, right? It’s not like you can fry a bunch of crickets and dip them in chocolate… right? Oh boy, we’re in for a savory bumpy ride it seems.


Here are 10 strangest desserts from around the globe!


1. Wasabi Ice Cream, Japan
Who would ever thought that flaming-hot wasabi can become an ice cream flavor? Apparently, nothing’s off the table for the Japanese. Reportedly, the ice cream part of the dessert kills the the spice almost entirely and leaves only a slight tingly aftertaste.



2. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Philippines
Ah, good, more ice cream! This time with a twist: it’s ice cream dipped in liquid nitrogen! Actually, you can dip all sorts of snacks and if done properly, it’s supposedly extremely tasty. I’d probably chicken out.

3. Wasp Crackers, Japan
Here we go, our first bug-related dessert. So these cookies, instead of chocolate chips, are filled with wasps! What else do you want to hear? Flee, you fools!



4. Cendol, Malaysia
Eww, are those worms? Thankfully, they’re just jelly noodles mixed with some coconut milk, palm sugar, red beans, and shaved ice. No idea what went through the head of the person who created this dessert, but he/she definitely wasn’t sane.

5. Tangyuan, China
There traditional Chinese dumplings are made from glutinous rice and then placed in sweet broth making them truly delicious. What’s inside the ball? Anything you want, pretty much: nuts, beans, sesame seeds etc.



6. Tavuk göğsü, Turkey
Who said milk pudding and chicken don’t go well together? I’m guessing pretty much everyone, and yet here we are. Weirdest thing is that the chicken meat is basically being pulverized and only then added to the sweet mixture of rice flour, cinnamon, and sweetened milk.

7. Mákos Tészta, Hungary
If there are poppy seeds in your dessert, chances are it’s something from Hungary, because they really love putting those seed on everything, even on noodles, especially when you mix them with some sugar and butter. Those are probably the best noodles I’ve never tried.

8. Deep Fried Candy Bars, Scotland
Very clear, very straightforward, very Scottish – deep fried candy bars. That’s pretty weird, but also my mouth is watering. Why?



9. Hematogen, Russia
This little treat used to be quite popular in the 80’s Soviet Union, and was a quick way to treat iron deficiency. But it was also sweet and chewy, becoming a favorite treat of many kids. Of course, that is until the kids found out what it was made of – cow’s blood, sugar, glucose syrup, condensed milk, and vanillin. That first ingredient was a deal breaker for thousands of kids.

10. Chocolate Covered Crickets, Thailand
And for the grand finale, let’s eat some more bugs! Scientists say that if we all switched to eating crickets other nasty stuff, instead of killing chickens and cows, we’d never ever run out of food supplies and they’d cost 10x less. At least that’s what I’ve heard, and now that I know that there are crickets covered in chocolate, I’m ready to switch sides for the good of humanity!


What’s the weirdest dessert you’ve ever had? Let us know in the comments.