10 Richest Countries in the World in 2019


2019 has barely begun but we can already tell which of the 200 countries will be in the top 10 world’s richest by the end of this year. Having all the necessary stats from prior years, finance specialists can easily project how much GDP per capita will countries get in 2019.


Sidenote: I’ll be comparing the 2019 projections of these countries to their 2017 results, just to give you a feel of how their GDP per capita changed after 2 years.



10. Australia (2017) $55,697 – (2019) $58,824
A whole continent of people selling and buying Marmite. What can I say, they should start monetizing their killer fauna.


9. Singapore (2017) $57,495 – (2019) $62,690
Small country with only 5.6 million people living there, has been dipping its proverbial foot into global electronics trades with immense success.



8. Denmark (2017) $57,360 – (2019) $63,434
They gave us Carlsberg beer and Madds Mikkelsen. That’s more than enough to enter the top 10.


7. United States (2017) $59,892 – (2019) $64,906
No surprises here, the Yankees will always have new products to offer, new fascinating investments, etc. And since their projections are going up with each year, I’m guessing, that stats don’t take into account all the possible Walls that are said to be built.


6. Qatar (2017) $60,694 – (2019) $65,062
How did such a tiny nation manage to become the 6th richest country? Ah, I see, they got oil. Well, that won’t last for long.


5. Iceland (2017) $73,529 – (2019) $78,181
With Eco-tourism trending like crazy, Iceland has become a real mecca for people from all over the globe, not to mention a slew of private investors! Even PewDiePie likes its geysers, hot springs and icy cliffs.



4. Ireland (2017) $70,220 – (2019) $81,477
The home of the free, the ginger, and the drunk. I would kill for a pint of cold Murphy’s stout or a shot of 30 years old single malt right about now.


3. Switzerland (2017) $80,069 – (2019) $83,832
After that Swiss bank fiasco where they lost over 50 billion dollars, the country’s economy is still alive and kicking, as you can see.


2. Norway (2017) $74,571 – (2019) $86,362
I wanted to say that their economical position is much better than their favorite fermented fish snack Surströmming, but apparently that’s a Swedish thing. Oops.



1. Luxembourg (2017) $107,053 – (2019) $119,719
At 591k citizens, Luxembourg is much smaller than most big cities, and yet it’s the world’s richest country! I have no idea how they’re doing it, but there you go. Luxembourg is #1!