10 Real Men Before They Were Famous

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People are rarely born famous, unless they’re lil’ Kardashian kids, then sure, their every step is a media sensation, am I right?
These 10 guys are some of the manliest celebs on the planet. How did they get famous, and, most importantly, what did they look like before the fame hit them? Some of them were a bit hairier, others were pro athletes, some started their career in ridiculous ads, but absolutely all of them made it to the top. Each one of these celebs is like a modern icon of masculinity (in one way or another), so let’s try to guess how these boys turned into men.



1) Brad Pitt
During his early years Brad delivered hardware, drove strippers around in a limousine, and danced around for el Pollo Loco wearing a chicken suit. Obviously, he used one of those jobs to make a few connections and eventually ended up in the biz.


Can you find Brad Pitt in this picture of a childhood basketball team the Cherokee Rejects?

1) Brad Pitt 1


Probably playing tennis, or something.

1) Brad Pitt 2


Guess who starred in a Pringles commercial.



2) Johnny Depp
Before he was cool, Mr. Depp had a sh#tty job just like most of us. He was a telemarketer. That’s the guys who called you in the middle of the day and tried to sell you stuff you don’t need. In Johnny’s case, he was pushing ball pens. Next time you complain about your job, remember, it could’ve been worse!




Hold on to your ovaries, girls, JD has a puppy and he’s not afraid to use it! 2) Johnny Depp 2



3) Bryan Cranston
As most of the 80’s celebs, Bryan started as a TV commercial star. One of his first gigs was this hilarious Shield Soap commercial in 1987 (yes, he’s that old)


Look at that handsome little dude! That’s Bryan back in 1963

3) Bryan Cranston 2


Seriously, is he really the one who knocks?

3) Bryan Cranston 3
3) Bryan Cranston 4



4) Aaron Paul
Bryan’s partner in crime – Aaron Paul – did a lot of commercials in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s, so you might have seen him on TV before he was cooking meth with Malcolm’s dad. I definitely remember some of these ads, especially the Vanilla Coca Cola one.


I pitty the fool who pisses off Mr. T, even if it’s for a “1-800-COLLECT” commercial (1999)

4) Aaron Paul 1


Aaron fighting his Corn Pops addiction in a Kellogg’s commercial. (1999)
4) Aaron Paul 2

Hell yeah, Vanilla Coke! Hey, if I had to stick my head into a fence to get some of that godly nectar – I’d do it too (2002)

4) Aaron Paul 3

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