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10 Mysterious Unexplained Photos That Might Freak You Out


Long before the Internet and all the crazy photo editing specialists, 99.9% of the photos were legit, meaning that everything caught on film was actually there. And sometimes people managed to catch all sorts of creepy and unreal phenomena: UFO sightings, ghosts, freaky creatures, and more! So, let’s take a look at 10 mysterious photos that are yet to be explained.



1. At first glance it’s just an ordinary photo, until you look closer at the dude in the sunglasses. This photo was taken in 1941 in Canada, and you don’t usually see people dressed in modern clothing among the hats and suit jackets of the 1940s. In addition to the strange clothes, he also seems to be holding a modern camera, which begs two more questions: 1) was this guy a time traveler, and 2) what did he need the camera for? I mean, it certainly didn’t help him to blend in, so what was he trying to shoot?



2. This picture, taken in 1964 by a French photographer Robert Serrec, and has gone insanely viral in the past 10 years, thanks to the Internet. This giant snake-like shape resting on the sea floor off the coast of Queensland, Australia, boggled the minds of countless scientists but still no credible explanation has ever been found for this strange photo.

3. Bigfoot was so popular in the 90’s, that in 2000, his cousin, a ‘Skunk Ape’, appeared! The photo was taken by a random woman and was mailed to Florida, along with a letter, in which she claims she caught an ape in her backyard. Some say it looks like a bear, but… come on, let’s be real, it’s definitely a skunk ape!



4. Meet the Coopers. They moved into their new home in Texas and decided to snap a quick pic of the whole family. Like normal people do, right? Upon developing, the family noticed something strange about the photo: there was a freakishly looking body falling from the ceiling! Naturally, as the title of this article implies, it’s remains a mystery with countless people still speculating on what was actually happening.

5. What if I told you that giants might have actually existed along side with our ancestors? So far, however, no fossil evidence has ever been found to prove this… unless you count this disturbing photo! Some Gregor Sporri met an old grave robber in Egypt, 1985, who showed him a mummified finger measuring 15 inches long. That’s basically as big as your forearm! Can you imagine a dude with a finger this huge?



6. You may have heard of this old black&white Charlie Chaplin 1928 promotional film, showing some random woman who looks as if she’s using a cell phone. Of course this could’ve easily been an itchy ear or something, but her mannerisms and body language are very similar to the modern “cell phone walk”. Just another X-file…

7. Technically it’s a painting, but the WTF factor is strong in this one too. It’s also probably one of the most famous unexplained mysteries out there. At first glance it’s just a 15th century painting called “Madonna with Saint Giovannino”, but if you look closer, there’s something creepy hovering above her left shoulder. And it looks a lot like a flying saucer.

8. Almost 20 years ago, on March 13, 1997, a couple of unidentified lights appeared over Phoenix, Arizona… and stayed there completely still for hours! The USAF said that those were flares, but *fixes his tinfoil hat* that sounds a lot like they were trying to cover something up. What’s even cooler is that the lights reappeared in 2007 and 2008! More “flares”? I think not.



9. I’ve personally never heard of this Battle of Los Angeles, but I’ve seen the photo of the alleged UFO hundreds of times. In February of 1942 the enemy aircraft appeared in the sky and the US AA guns tried to shoot it down. Did they succeed? Probably not, seeing as the mystery surrounding this photo still exists. According to some UFOlogists it was definitely an extraterrestrial guest.

10. There is an ancient object that has been orbiting our planet for the last 13,000 years (how do we know it’s 13,000 years? Don’t ask me!), called the “Black Knight Satellite.” No one knows what it is made of, how it got so up high, or even why it’s called “The Black Knight” in the first place. As you’d expect there are way more questions than there are answers, as it is with all of the photos on this list. For now, though, we can only wait and see if some of the mystery can be cleared up.