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10 Most Dangerous Adventure Sports To Try Before You Die


10 Most Dangerous Adventure Sports To Try Before You DieWatching sports is good and playing them is even better! But some adrenaline junkies take it to a whole new level and do sports that are just too dangerous. These daredevils will stop at nothing to get the adrenaline rush coursing through their veins. When these dudes play their sport, it is not just a mere game or championship on the line. Their lives are in constant danger and one mistake may end their existence.
Check out the most blood-pumping sports of all time. Not nesseserily all of these activities are deadly, but they definitely deliver a near-death experience. You’ll definitely want to tick off a few on your bucket list, but remember: safety’s first!

10. Wingsuit Flying10. Wingsuit Flying

10. Wingsuit Flying 2Oh this is scary to look at! Imagine climbing up a mountain higher than the sky and just jumping off of it in, basically, a flying squirrel suit. Not many people are able to do this

9. Crocodile Bungee Jumping9. Crocodile Bungee Jumping 1

9. Crocodile Bungee Jumping 2While jumping off a 80-something-metre high bridge is the ultimate adrenaline rush for most of us, we’re sure there are some jumpers that are looking for better challenges. And if it happens so that they’re animal lovers, a few crocodiles under that bridge will be happy to send some chills down their spines

8. Volcano Boarding

8. Volcano Boarding 2Normal people usually stay away from volcanos, but not these thrill seekers! These guys get their safety suits and slope down at speeds up to 50 miles per hour from a frying pan of a mountain.

7. BMX RacingCam Zink-Action

7. BMX Racing 2This sport is clearly not for kids. BMX stunts require strength, stamina, swiftness and, of course, the guts! These are hard to pull off already. But make a race and put some life-threatening obstacles on the way and the sport becomes deadly.

6. Highlining6. Highlining 1

6. Highlining 2 Now this particular sport is quite different. In all the previous ones, you had to build up the courage to “make the jump” and that’s it. But here, adrenaline keeps pumping every second and makes it hard for you to control your body. Sometimes mental balance is even more important that physical.

5. Scuba Diving5. Scuba Diving 1

5. Scuba Diving 2Swimming among countless ship-wrecks and exploring unique marine life can be a lot of fun, but scuba divers have to remember that they have a limited amount of their own compressed breathing air, but intolerable pressure under water can cause severe injuries.

4. Tow-In Surfing4. Tow-In Surfing 1

4. Tow-In Surfing 2This technique uses artificial assistance to allow the surfer to catch faster moving waves than was traditionally possible when paddling by hand. This type of surfing promises to break the 30 foot barrier. Some daredevils ride waves beyond 80 feet in height! How crazy is that?


3. Base Jumping 2Climbing a mountain and parachuting is just not enough! You have to combine them to feel the real excitement. One out of sixty participants die ’cause sometimes the parachutes do fail.

2. Free Solo Climbing2. Free Solo Climbing 1

2. Free Solo Climbing 2This is really fun! Some people are ready to do anything to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. Also, these people can’t be bothered with any safety gear, at all. They must coat their hands with magnesium for a better grip and climb.

1.Creeking1.Creeking 1

You are going to face powerful water blows, huge rocks and non-stop roller-coater action in one epic ride that’ll scare even the most experienced rafters.


Feeling brave yet? This cat sure does!

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