10 Modern Kid Geniuses More Talented Than You’ll Ever Be


I’m one of those people who generally hates kids, doesn’t find them cute, and has a heart of ice. They scream and cry, do stupid things, but turns out that some kids are born with incredible innate abilities that make them stand out from the rest.

From sick drumming skills to singing opera, these child prodigies will not be stopped!

1. Amira Willighagen – an opera diva

Singing in opera voice is insanely difficult even for professionals, but this little lady’s still nailing it like it’s nothing! Great performance, Amira!

2. Quinn “Quinja” Acebedo – world’s strongest 10-year-old

Can you believe that this little guy can kick your butt in 2 minutes? Good lord, look at those moves! This is so cool!

3. Tsung Tsung – 4 year old pianist

This guy is a pure genius! Even if he does mess up a few notes, there’s no way any of you would be able to play like that at the age of four.

4. 3-Year-Old Drummer from Philippines

If any of you ever wondered “how hard can it be learn the drums”, the answer is “very hard”. Luckily this kid didn’t ask questions and just learned everything to the rhythm of his own drum. And he’s 3 years old in the video.

5. Kieron Williamson — 5 year old British Monet

Art is subjective, so is that very statement, but when you look at Kieron’s paintings, there’s not doubt in your mind that in front of you are true masterpieces.

6. Aelita – 9-year-old Abstract Painter

Abstract art is not something I’d even call “art” most of the time, but there’s just something soothing and inspiring in the works of Aelita.

7. Michael Pipoquinha – 11 year old funky bass player

In this video Michael is 11 years old, and as you can hear, he’s a funky slapper through and through. And the best part is that to this day he’s still making music! Go google him, I’ll wait.

8. Marcin Patrzalek – Polish-American “Guitarist”

As an amateur guitarist myself all I can say is that this dude is phenomenal. I don’t know who taught him these moves but I’m certain nobody else in the world would be able to replicate his unique style.

9. Yoyoka – 9 year old drummer from Japan

That 3 year old from before was impressive, don’t get me wrong, but Yoyoka here takes the cake! If you compare her cover to the original, you could hear John Bohnam crying tears of joy.

10. Audrey and Kate – 14 and 9 years old, Japan

Audrey’s dad once bought Rocksmith, a game where you plug in your guitar and play for real, and she loved it from day one. She said she’s been practicing for 5 years now, and gosh dang that’s impressive in and of itself. Her little sister Kate prefers the bass and loud shouting.

Isn’t it great to know there are so many talented people around you? They may have an easy start in life but you know what they say – no amount of talent can beat hard work. So don’t feel bad for not being able to play or sing like these kids and start practicing yourself!