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10 Kinds of Pizza from All Around the World


Do you crave more variety and culture in your pizza? We’re not just talking a new a topping or two – how can you get more of a life changing experience? We’ve compiled 10 different locations from around the world that will sharpen your senses and enlighten your taste buds, bringing a whole new meaning to pizza.



1. Margherita, Italy
Often referred as the real flag of Italy, the origin of this famous pizza dates back as far as 1889. Named after Queen Margherita of Savoy, Chef Raffaele Esposito designed this culinary art piece alongside his wife, for the Queen.



2. Portuguesa, Brazil
From the Rio de Janeiro to the roaring Amazonas, you won’t find a pizzeria that doesn’t have this crowd pleaser. It has warmed the souls of Brazilians and those who have tasted its glory for decades. You’re guaranteed to find its taste inviting and dynamic, filled with the basics along with eggs, olives, ham, and sometimes peas.

3. Happy Herb, Cambodia
If you find yourself a little famished after tomb-raiding through temples of Siem Reap, you might want to grab a slice of this pizza which will satisfy your mind and taste buds. The Happy Herb pizza kills two birds with one slice, combining the lushness of pizza with the Cannabinoids of Cannabis. Be careful not to eat it all at once, unless you want to enjoy the rest of the trip sleeping or watching movies.



4. Chicago-style, U.S.A.
Ballpark franks are great, but what about Chicago’s ‘za? This hearty dish will make your sorrows go away with every bite into cheesy, layered and flaky crust. The origin goes back to two Neapolitan immigrants in 1943, Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo. Homesick immigrants flocked to the Chicago-style pizza and with time its popularity grew into what is revered as today. The inverted style is arguably the richest in flavor next to its competitors.

5. New York-style, U.S.A.
Thin crust is a must – and you better believe you won’t be able to get enough of it! This signature style can be found throughout the boroughs of the Big Apple. With a wide variety of toppings and combinations, there is only one rule: you must fold when you eat. Its origin is still argued to this day, dating back to 1905. What we do know for sure? You can only get an authentic slice from the source, in New York City.



6. Hawaiian, Canada
Infused with the sweetness of pineapple and saltiness of bacon, the Hawaiian slice hails from Chatham, Ontario, created by Greece-born Sam Panopoulos. The name was created from the brand of canned fruit he used at the time. Although its style is considered an infamy to pizza by many, it won’t be phasing out anytime soon.

7. Mediterranean, Greece
With its origin often debated between Italy and Egypt, Mediterranean or Greek pizza is a delicacy of rich history. A recipe as old as time, Romans would take pinsa and add cheese, vegetables, and oils to enrich its flavor. Over time, it spread throughout Europe, culminating in the different variations of pizza today.

8. Fugazzeta, Argentina
Derived from the Italian yeast bread Focaccia, Fugazzeta is a unique twist on pizza. Stripping away tomato sauce may surprise pizza lovers, but once that cheese slides away from its center, you’ll be addicted. It’s double crusted, topped with sweet onions, mozzarella, and an oregano blend. You won’t hesitate before grabbing your napkins, forks, knives, whatever you need to devour this Argentinian pizza.



9. Flammkuchen, Germany
Originating from the Alsace region, this pizza has the most comforting taste, in my personal opinion. Swapping out tomato sauce for light and creamy crème fraîche (sour cream) as a base makes for a welcome twist. This pie is topped with sweet onions and bacon. Flammkuchen pizza is for those craving true comfort without complexity.

10. Feteer meshaltet, Egypt
Flaky, golden, and stuffed past your imagination’s capacity. This pizza can be sweeter than honey on toast, or rich and gooey like a lasagna. Dating back to the Mamluk period this simple yet totally satisfying pizza can be packed with a wide variety of toppings. Cheese, nuts, meat, and vegetables are just the beginning.