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10 Free Mobile Apps To Learn English Fast And Easy



Learning a new language or simply improving your skills in the one you already know is one of the most fun and challenging things to do. You can attend classes, watch movies and TV shows, educate yourself, and, of course, you can also put your smartphone to good use. There are plenty of free apps out there that will greatly improve your language skills in no time. Here are 10 free mobile apps to learn English fast and easy.




Duolingo is a fun and interactive way to learn English, even if you’re starting from scratch. Beginners will benefit greatly from its playful approach with games and rewards. Advanced users can also improve their skills in writing and speaking.


Hello English

This app covers everything from grammar and vocabulary to reading, writing, and listening. In fact, we believe this is the best one for those who are in the beginning of their studies as it offers a wide range of activities. There are fun interactive lessons, news, and even audiobooks that will keep you engaged in the learning process.





Memrise uses courses for various languages that were actually created by the member of the Memrise community! This means that you have a unique opportunity to try various approaches to learning the language and improve a various set of language skills. You can also create your own courses and help members of the community learn your native language!


Learn English Daily

This app focuses mainly on listening and speaking, using lessons created by native speakers. If you want to learn speaking fast and easy, this is the best app for you. It is also great for improving pronunciation and extending your vocabulary.



Busuu is a type of social media platform that also offers you a variety of language courses created by native speakers, much like Memrise. Here you can also chat and ask questions if you have any issues with your learning process.



There’s no app like Lingbe because it is the only one that will connect you with real people, native speakers willing to practice language with you via calls. The app works on a give and take basis, so if you want to practice your language skills, you’ll need to help some other person with your native language first. It’s a beautiful system that gives you an opportunity to practice the language without leaving your home!





If you want to extend your vocabulary, Awabe is there for you. It will teach you over 4,000 of the most commonly used phrases and words. You don’t even need to be online all the time as this app can work in an offline mode too. Apart from language games there are video lessons, audio exercises, and translations to help you learn even faster.


English Speaking Practice

This app is perfect for improving your pronunciation as it lets you listen to native speakers, record your own voice, and then compare the two. It’s the fastest way to get rid of any imperfections in your speech and learn to speak like a native.



HelloTalk is an app that allows you connect with the natives, much like Lingbe, but it also gives you the opportunity to look through the people’s profiles first to find a teacher that matches you best. You can send audio messages, texts, and even do video calls for the best learning experience.





If you’re a fan of books and think learning with their help is the most fun thing ever, then Beelinguapp will become your favourite app. It uses audiobooks to teach you the language you want to learn – you will listen to the story while following it with a text in your native language to fully understand the meaning.