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10 Cosplayers the Internet Is Obsessed With


As comics grew more and more popular, the geeky world of anime warriors, Marvel superheroes and fantasy game characters got opened to large masses. If you’ve ever heard about comic cons – that’s a good thing because there’s a whole world of amazing cosplay costumes waiting to be explored by you. It’s a geekdom of hot chicks that can fight their way through a gazillion monsters, gentle elves and wicked-looking robots that look just like in the movies. People who are into all this stuff are called cosplayers and they have been driving the Internet insane for quite some time now. The best of the best get instantly popular and compete with each other, sometimes for cash prizes! Here are 10 amazing cosplayers the Internet is obsessed with.



Carlos Blanchard
While the world of cosplay is kind of dominated by women, some guys also stand out from the costume-clad bunch. Carlos Blanchard got most popular for his Batman costume that he executed in truly spectacular detail. He has also created a Batman-inspired medieval armor suit. This guy is really amazing!



Alodia Gosiengfiao
Alodia Gosiengfiao has been a fan of anime for years before she decided to turn into a professional cosplayer. She entered a comic con contest and charmed everyone with her amazing looks and carefully made costumes. She’s a fan of both easy-going elven costumes and more elaborate ‘mecha’ robot suits.

Lindsay Elyse
Gorgeous Lindsay Elyse is not just an amazing cosplayer, she’s also a professional gamer. In fact, she runs her own Twitch channel where people can watch her play, and is incredibly popular there. Nevertheless, she still enjoys creating costumes on a professional level and enters various contests from time to time.



Tom DePetrillo
Tom is a force that’s hard to ignore. His ‘extreme costumes’ as he calls them are truly elaborate and include a wide range of themes from anime ‘mechs’ to huge Donkey Kongs. Due to his crazy costumes he has become a TV star and has been featured in may shows. New York Comic Con even awarded him with the ‘Best in show’ award!

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn is a well-known figure in the cosplay world. She’s a real geek queen that has starred in more than a few TV shows including ‘Attack of the Show’. Yet she is also popular as a gamer and cosplayer. You can often see her at comic cons, both on the panel and as a cosplayer wearing the costume of slave Leia or Wonder Woman.



If you’re into armored cosplay masterpieces, then Danquish is the right guy for you! He’s not doing ‘mech’ costumes, but rather focuses on ninja themed costumes that are often accompanied by really well done props like swords and guns. He’s been well-known on YouTube and has a large following on Facebook.

Rarely do we see black women in the world of cosplay. Yet Panterona has taken everyone by surprise with her gorgeous looks and masterfully created costumes. She’s a professional cosplayer and a model that has an immense following on Instagram.

Jessica Nigri
Most people know Jessica Nigri as a character from the game ‘Lollipop Chainsaw.’ She’s won the contest and became the official face of the game! She later continued working with other companies and even became a spokesmodel for the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise.



Meg Turney
Meg Turney really knows how to create spectacular looks! She’s been in the biz since 2002, first as a comic con attendant and later as a cosplayer and contestant. She became a star of the ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ show and was featured in numerous magazines.

This Swiss artist is a truly unique cosplayer that has shaken the whole world of cosplay. She creates complex armor suits that look like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Using various materials, she makes not only armor, but also weapons to go with the costumes. She was originally inspired by games like Skyrim that featured truly amazing armor designs.