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10 Celebrities With Weird Hobbies That Make You Feel Better About Yourself


We all know that one kid with a weird-ass hobby that makes you genuinely wonder if you even want him as a friend in the first place. Normal people do stuff like read books, go see movies,… And then there’s that one guy that rubs butter all over his naked body and runs across the street yelling “I’m a pancake! I’m a pancake!”
Our society has bred a safe haven for people like Pancake Peter and these people have found a new outlet on the Internet. You can pretty much Google whatever weird hobby you have and find a forum where you can meet up with “Dress Like A Baby” Dave, “Talks To Walls” Walter and have a wonderful time doing your butter-rubbing, baby-dressing, wall-talking thing. It’s how we’ve evolved as a society and how we’ve increased our tolerance for diverse mindsets.
Luckily, there’s famous people out there that have some pretty odd hobbies as well. It truly shows that having unusual pastimes is no longer an obstacle for success. While these aren’t quite as odd as the ones I mentioned above, you might be surprised to find out what it is these famous people do when they aren’t going around being famous and stuff.



10. Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters and keeps them in working condition. He tries to bring some along whenever he’s on the road, because you never know when you might need a working vintage typewriter around. I know I’ve missed having one or two on occasion. Tom even designed a typewriter app. Don’t ask.
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9. Daniel Craig
James Bond is apparently so much into the video game franchise Halo that it actually was a point of disagreement between him and his ex-girlfriend. That’s right – ol’ Daniel took his Maslow triangle and put “Halo” all the way down, next to food and apparently even before sex.
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8. Rod Stewart
When Rod’s not on stage, he’s playing with loads of trains. He’s one of the biggest model train collectors out there (because he has the most cash, probably) and he’s very proud of his Grand Central Station model, that’s about 1500 square foot. Rod’s following in Frank Sinatra’s foot steps who had an awesome train-set/playroom. Big boys toys are sometime well, smaller. Toot-toot Rod!
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7. David Arquette
David is apparently an avid knitter. I’m assuming he’s quite good at it since he’s about 30 years younger than most people that knit and should probably have better fine motor skills.
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6. Mila Kunis
In things usually not associated with pretty girls, Mila turns out to be a huge World of Warcraft player. She was actually quizzed on aspects of the game and turns out it wasn’t something she said just to cater to the gamer population – she’s actually incredibly knowledgeable on the game!
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5. Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel is apparently a big Dungeons & Dragons fan. I wonder which geek would have the balls to argue with him if he cheats his way through every quest.
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4. Angelina Jolie
Confirming the stereotype that gorgeous women are life-threateningly dangerous, Angelina collects daggers. Let me rephrase that: she collects objects that allow her to kill people up close and personal. Like how they did it in the fifties.
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3. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp loves playing with Barbie dolls and even uses them as inspiration for some of his roles. Way to break the gender barriers, Johnny!
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2. Mike Tyson
When he’s not punching people in the face or getting his own face tattooed, Mike collects and trains pigeons. He doesn’t train them in boxing, but in regular pigeon things.
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1. Claudia Schiffer
The German supermodel collects insects. That’s right, insects. And even insect paintings. I’ll bet it’s just to leave them up as warnings for the live specimen. Has to be. Anyway, it gets her the top spot on this list.
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