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10 Body Language Tells That Reveal a Lot About Your Relationship


With the help of facial expressions, gestures, and glances, we unconsciously express our true feelings, even if the mouth says something completely different. Body language is especially important in relationships, as various studies show that over 50% of the information is transmitted through eye contact, posture, arm movements, and other non-verbal means.

However, if you notice that those non-verbal signals have been running dry lately, perhaps you should talk about it with your boo since your winks or your arms position is not always 100% readable.

Let’s figure out what your body is trying to say!

1. Eye Contact

Does your partner like to stare into your eyes longingly? This is a great sign that they have a strong affection for you. Try to pay more attention to how often you look at your partner and how you feel about yourself. Are you uncomfortable, or do you enjoy it? Or maybe you just like to stop your gaze at random moments? If you find it uncomfortable to look another person in the eyes for a long time, you may need to solve this issue and figure out the reason why.

2. What About Holding Hands?

If you still hold hands even after years of being in the relationship, it is a sign of closeness. Any gentle touch is an indicator that you are still kindling a flame in each other. However, there are minute differences in these handshakes. How close are your hands? Are they lightly touching each other, or are your fingers intertwined? The smaller the distance, the more intimate you will feel.

3. Take Her By The Hand, Make Her Understand

Some people like to quite literally follow their loved ones. Unfortunately, this means that one of them is leading, while the other one takes a backseat. Of course, it may be very pleasant to hold the leash, but if this hampers your style, maybe it’s time to think about switching the marching order.

4. Is It Closeness or Ownership?

Typically, the position of the arms says a lot: if someone is sitting or standing with their arms crossed, it is usually a sign of tension that you may not even be aware of. When your partner constantly grabs your waist, it may signify that he owns you, like you’re his property. But putting your hand on your shoulder while walking or sitting together is an affectionate gesture, meaning your loved one wants to be near you.

5. Lips Are Not Only For Kissing

Perhaps you often unconsciously bite your lips, or notice your partner do the same? This is a message the body sends out, indicating tension, stress, and nervousness. It also looks quite hot and can be easily used to get you out of relationship trouble.

6. The Legs And Feet Also Have Something To Say

The lower body should not be taken lightly either, because even the position of the legs can give you some very important clues. If your crush not only allows you to touch their feet with your feet but even deliberately moves closer, this could mean that the partner feels comfortable.

7. What Time Is It? Stop Checking Your Phone!

It’s incredibly selfish to think that your time is more important than your partner’s. That’s why there’s this unspoken rule that you need to enjoy your time together, and not stare into the phone while mumbling “uh-huh” or “mhmm, yeah.” This also applies to hanging out with people in general. 

8. Hands in Pockets May Be a Bad Sign

When you talk to your partner, do they often stick their hands in pockets? That’s a telltale sign that they are keeping a secret from you. 

9. Pay Attention to Their Left Hand

Some behaviorists say that using one’s left unconsciously can mean you’re talking about something you’re not comfortable with. So next time you ask your partner how things are at work, you may want to look closely at their left hand.

10. Watch Out For Pats on the Back!
It’s totally fine and acceptable to give a few pats on the back when hugging a friend, but it’s really awkward when lovers do that. Yeah, because it only means one thing: there’s no more chemistry between you two.