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Top 8 Amazing 4K TVs from Samsung


You may be asking yourself “why in the world would I need a 4K TV?”, and that’s a fair question. Most of the people are happy with their HD and Full HD sets, but let’s not forget that progress and technology don’t stand in one place for long. I still remember the old days of black and white TVs, with me as a remote, and now, a few decades later, we have enormous flat 4K (and even 8K) TV’s! But, having a good TV doesn’t solve the biggest problem – cable companies and internet speed are still lagging behind. Unless you’re using something like HBO or Netflix, of course, where 4K resolution has been a standard for years now. If you see the potential in having huge high-definition screens plastered on your walls, then there’s a good chance you’ve already been looking for 4K TVs in your local stores, hoping for a good discount, naturally. Well, here’s the good news – you don’t have to go through that anymore, as I’ve prepared a list of 8 amazing 4K TV deals from Samsung for every wallet!



1. Samsung 40″ Class MU6300 4K UHD TV
Here’s a great way to start this list: a 40-inch screen with built-in Wi-Fi, perfect for bingeing your favorite shows, or playing games on that new PS4 PRO your grandma got you, in glorious 4k, only for $449.99!



2. Samsung 43″ Class MU6300 4K UHD TV
This one’s slightly bigger than the one above, but as every man and woman in the world will tell you: 3 inches makes a lot of difference! No joke, the difference seems insignificant at first, but once you go 43”, you’ll never go 40”, especially since it’s only $50 more – $499.99.

3. Samsung 55″ Class MU8500 Curved 4K UHD TV
Woah, what do you know, a curved 55” TV?! You know what I’d watch first on this baby? “Cosmos” with Neil deGrasse Tyson! I probably wouldn’t get it at full price, but the $999.99 deal sounds more than outstanding to me!

4. Samsung 65″ Class MU6500 Curved 4K UHD TV
More curves, bigger screen, even more vibrant colors – still $999.99? What sorcery is this? The only reason you shouldn’t consider this monster is if you actually don’t have enough room for it. Otherwise, it’s a steal.



5. Samsung 55″ Class Q7F QLED 4K TV
Have you heard of the QLED technology yet? Well, QLED, basically stands for Quantum Dot LED, but we’re dropping the D, to make it sound cooler. In a nutshell, you’re getting brighter, more vibrant colors. It’s a relatively new tech, that’s why QLED TVs are still quite pricey, but hey, $1499.99 doesn’t sound too bad!

6. Samsung 65″ Class Q7F QLED 4K TV
Now that you know what to expect form a QLED TV, and maybe you think a 55-inch screen would be too small, overcompensate that tiny weenie of yours to the fullest – get a 65” version for only $2199.99! I can only imagine how the new season of Game of Thrones would look like in 4k on this beast of a TV.

7. Samsung 65″ Class Q7C Curved QLED 4K TV
This is the absolutely best curved 4K TV you’ll see today. I mean, 65”, QLED, and that screen curvature… Samsung sure knows how to make a man happy, and for what, $2299.99? Totally worth it! That’s only like 2 iPhone X’s.



8. Samsung 65″ Class Q9F QLED 4K TV
And last but not least, here’s the king of the Q9 series, a 65” big boy with a screen flatter than my ex, sitting currently at $3,299.99. That’s a lot, but just imagine how much fun you’ll have with this monstrosity. All the games you’ll be able to play, all the movies you and your family will watch… Creating good memories is worth every penny!

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