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The Most Useless Gadgets Known To Man


Ever since Iron Man became Marvel’s most popular hero, gadgets have been on the rise in terms of coolness. We’ve all discovered that sometimes, gadgets are perfectly capable of catching up whenever genetics fails to deliver.
But like all things in life, not all gadgets are as awesome as you’d think. Sometimes, technology tries to solve problems that honestly aren’t there. Here’s a few gadgets where science dropped the ball.



Umbrella Drone
Because you can’t hold your umbrella if you’re too busy holding the controls for your drone to shield you from the rain. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?



Vacuum Cleaner Shoes
Imagine having to physically walk in all corners of your room to make sure it’s properly vacuumed. And let’s not forget having to put your toes under every couch or cabinet you might have.

USB Finger Dance Mat
Yup, this is exactly how it sounds. Think “Dance, Dance Revolution” meets “I can do this with my fingers”. Probably not the best gadget to bring to work.

King of Key
You’ve probably never heard of this, because it’s really, really bad. It’s essentially a gold key with a diamond in it, that is meant to replace the Apple Powerbook’s Home key. Only that the gold isn’t gold and the diamond isn’t a real diamond.



NoPhone Zero
You know what’s more useless than a bad gadget? No gadget! The NoPhone Zero is, as the name implies, a piece of plastic. No hardware, no software, no any-ware. Just plastic. It’s meant to be a safety blanket for phone addicts, but I can’t imagine this will help a lot. At anything. They also sell a NoPhone Air which is literally an empty box.

Mouse With Digital Scale
So you can weigh the proper amount of illegal substance you want to snort through your nose while you’re spending your umpteen billionth day at work.

The “full hipster” experience. It turns your tablet into a typewriter, only without the actual typewriting. I guess that makes sense.

Laptop Steering Wheel
It’s not texting if you’re using a desk for it! Seriously, how this ever got approved by anyone baffles me.