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This Is What Happens When People Get Bored At Work (24 Pics)


Imagine it’s a very slow Monday. Like, a really boring day at the office, and there’s nothing to do. Can’t binge Game of Thrones, can’t drink any booze, can’t play Overwatch… All you CAN do you is wait. Well, kind of. Use that big brain of yours and do something creative, like, make a giant Bowser entirely out of sticky notes, or cover an entire office in threads! Your co-workers will definitely appreciate this, trust me.


Anyway, here are 24 times people got bored at work and made something beautiful (or lame).



1. Slow day at the book store? Although, I do agree this looks fun as hell.



2. I wonder who did this… Was it the bored teacher, or the students?



3. I wish I knew “Microthoft Ekthel” this well (I had to).



4. Just car mechanics doing their thing.

5. This Bowser is amazing … and someone probably got fired.



6. Two questions: How and why?



7. Can you imagine how long it took them to bend all these clips without using pliers?



8. No curtains in the conference room? Not a problem!

9. Holy crap someone’s gonna freak out when they get to work on Monday. I mean, this was obviously done on Friday, right?



10. Behold the rare office scorpion in its natural habitat.



11. Slap a pair of googly eyes on pretty much anything and it instantly becomes 10 times more entertaining.



12. Someone, give this employee a raise!

13. What a waste of paper!



14. I had no idea the Power Rangers had a conference room.



15. I would buy a coffee for whoever did this. It’s so cute!



16. The Throne of Games?

17. Yes, I would like to leave a complaint, please?



18. And on that day nobody noticed that Frank was at home all day playing Dark Souls.



19. Fascinating! A whole new species of the office scorpion!



20. This is definitely to the droid they are looking for.

21. A perfect circle made of potato chips. Great.



22. That last one may as well be saying “I still got paid”.



23. Okay, THIS is some next level creativity!



24. And lastly, have some sneaky co-workers!