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Surprised Aaron Paul Memes Are Surprisingly Hilarious!


Sometimes memes come from recent events, like Trump’s “covfefe” (which, BTW, is now a dead meme), other times someone manages to resurrect something ancient, and primordial… like this picture of Aaron Paul being stunned by some random fashion show in 2012! Okay, it wasn’t a random fashion show, of course, I just needed a minute to Google it. Let’s see, ah, yes, the Burburry show during the Fashion Week in London, September 2012. Don’t know why anyone would need this information but there you have it.


So anyway, someone made Aaron Paul into a meme and the Internet totally approved of it! Honestly, it has some great potential, at least from the few pics I’ve seen, but do you think this meme will last for more than a week, or will it be thrown into oblivion along with covfefe and all the Sponge Bob crap? Let us know in the comments!



1. I’m almost sure this is the original pic, but I could be wrong.



2. And these ones are unaltered as well, but they give us the variety of Aaron Paul’s looks and faces.



3. There we go! It’s the classic “one of us will have to change, and it ain’t gonna be me” situation.



4. How many Pauls is too many?



5. “I don’t get it, but it’s funny!” – everyone, including myself.

6. Off to do some cooking. You coming, Jesse?



7. You can see the confusion in his eyes.



8. And now he’s really giddy!



9. Confused AF, again…



10. Wait, that’s not Aaron Paul!



11. I’m “rethinking” my love for this meme, actually…