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Celebrities in Ramen? Sure, Why Not.


Have you ever wondered how, let’s say, Snoop Dog or Ryan Reynolds would look in a bowl of delicious ramen? Yeah, neither have I, but that’s not the point. The point is, that one man’s ramen is another man’s fetish. Or something like that. At least I hope that whoever spends their time photoshopping Darth Vader into a bowl of Japanese noodles, does it for kicks and giggles. Also, if I may add, absolutely all the food in those Instagram pictures looks amazing and I’m actually drooling as I write these words. So there’s at least that part of the equation the author got right, the celebs being more of a… side dish (heheh).


Alright, let’s see what this noodle master has in store for us. Oh and let me know of any soup or appropriate food puns down in the comments. I’m drawing a blank today.



1. Let’s start off with something solid – the Rock and his dogs!



2. Is that Elton Pork? He looks like some tiny dancer here.



3. Snoop’s doing his thing. Or peeing in the ramen. Or both.



4. Craig David looks as cool as ever, but the ramen looks fantastic!

5. Oh yeah, by the way, I only know “ramen” and “noodles”, so don’t expect any fancy names. Also, it’s clearly Darth Vader missing his little girl Carrie Fisher.



6. Slicing ‘and dicing comes the Merc with the Mouth himself – Deadpool (played by Reynolds, of course)



7. Obama’s like “sure, you can have this dumpster fire called America and make it great again. I’m out, suckas!”

8. Whatever you do, Hilary, do NOT jump! At least not until the soup is boiling.



9. I wanna say… Brad Pitt? I don’t know who’s who anymore.



10. I wonder if there are sharks in those waters…



11. I’d love me some of that delicious goodness. U2?

12. All right, lost my appetite, thanks, Nicki.



13. Who ordered a Will Farrell special?



14. Imagine if there were actual lakes filled with all kinds of ramen goodies… Mmmm, yes. I should probably have a snack.

15. One of the coolest ramen mashups out there – Khaleesi and her baby dragon!



16. That’s a killer ramen! It even comes with a mini Jack Sparrow.



17. Just Emma Watson swimming in weird noodles.



18. A concerned look from one of the funniest women in the world – Amy Poehler, aka Leslie Knope.

19. Michael Cera in da house! Look at that ramen walk!



20. Aziz Ansari definitely ain’t sorry for stepping into the bowl.



21. His eyes follow you everywhere!