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21 Tinder Profiles That Are Pure Gold


Tinder is a mess. It’s full of awful, disgusting men and cat-fishing profiles. However, sometimes you stumble across profiles that are real, true gems! Here are 21 of them!



1. Jesus
This guy’s overbearing and a strict father might be the problem, but on the plus side—he can turn water into wine!



2. The Car Karaoke Fergalicious
I can actually totally relate to someone. I mean, it’s such a pain in the butt when a GREAT song has TWO vocal lines happening and there’s a call-replay segment and you just don’t have enough air in your lungs to do both. I, personally, would love a GF with whom I can do Kanye and Jay-Z’s Otis together.



3. The Viking
He will protect you. He will fight for you. He will drink the blood of your enemies to let you know just how much he loves you!



4. The Honest One
I feel like in every single relationship article I write, I mention that honesty is the foundation of solid relationships. This tinder profile is painfully honest and immediately lets you know what to expect from this woman.

5. Uncool dad
It usually takes several dates to get to the topic of children and being a family and being a dad. This guy just gets right to it in his profile, letting you know what kind of dad he’s going to be. And that is – supremely uncool.



6. Cat Family
Usually when you start a relationship the next big challenge is meeting the family and learning to live with them. Here, it’s a huge cat family! Swipe left if you have cat allergies!



7. The One With All The References
I love a person who can make a good reference to pop-culture, but this person has references like their tinder profile is a job application. So many great people have said that they’re a great person that I feel like swiping right is required. You’re hired!

8. The Image Altruist
The path to anyone’s heart is through acts of kindness, and this woman gets one right out of the way by showing you a lovely picture.



9. The Scheming Girlfriend
*Swipes left* *Swipes right* *Swipes right* *Swipes left* *Swi…* Oh crap! I’ve been uncovered! *throws away phone and prepares a phony explanation to why on earth they were on Tinder*



10. Good Hygiene
Even though you might think that this is an unflattering picture for somebody’s dating profile, at least you definitely know that they take their oral hygiene seriously! If nothing else, you at least know their breath is fresh.



11. Miss Neck Brace
This might not give you the full picture of the baggage that they’re coming into the relationship with! This tells you nothing about their psychological trauma. But at least you know about their physical injuries ahead of time! It may also be a harbinger of someone who wears a brace with the hopes of suing someone for a lot of money. Check this one out very carefully.

12. The Charming Creep
You don’t have to worry about her brother who will break your neck if you break her heart. Instead, you should worry about her and her knife!



13. She’ll definitely fall for you
She’s fallen on her bed. She’s fallen on her floor. She might even fall for you!



14. Honest about tinder
Nobody’s actually loving being on Tinder. Like, people are either doing it ironically or out of desperation.

15. Better than an iPhone
I mean, they’re not soft and cuddly, but at least you definitely know that they’re better than an iPhone (remember that meme?).



16. The most adorable one
I hope the puppy doesn’t come with the guy holding it, because I’m swiping right because I really love puppies!



17. She loves balls
The picture speaks for itself.



18. Chipotle Queen
Okay, who hasn’t gone on Tinder to get a free meal? Well, most men, but who cares.

19. Socially Aware
This guy has everything. He’s socially aware, he’s good with memes, and he’s SO smooth. “You’re all the sugar I need.” When did Tinder get so smooth?



20. Toasty
A quirky profile picture and a pun in the bio. If she ever marries somebody she met on Tinder, I bet there’s going to be a lot of bread puns made during TOASTS. Haha get it?



21. Nick Cage
National Treasure. Greatest actor of all time. Just keep an eye on him cuz he might be gone in 60 seconds.