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21 Times Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving


All restaurants want to stand out and somehow impress their customers, especially in this era of hipsters, who know more about coffee than a barista at an Italian restaurant and can make a few hours’ speech on cheese and wine. No wonder modern restaurants are trying so hard to come up with new ideas! But when it comes to the hipster culture, it’s hard to get things right. One wrong move and you become a laughing stock instead of a cool trend-setter. This is exactly what happened to some of the restaurants below. From serving coffee in a carrot to putting food in a shoe, here’s a list of 22 most hilarious and weird servings you’ve ever seen.



Cake Cups
These actually look kind of stunning, but how on Earth should you eat them? …this dessert is too confusing!



Afternoon Tea in a Bookcase
This looks like an introvert’s dream – the bookcase is so huge you can actually hide behind it! While sipping on that herbal tea or champagne.



Scotch Egg in a Trophy
Maybe they thought that scotch eggs are pretty hard to get so you should serve one like it’s the best prize ever? Looks delish, but the trophy is an overkill.



These guys must have been out of dishes, otherwise we don’t know why anyone would want to put all this yummy stuff on top of a cocktail.

DIY Greek Salad
The idea might be a bit artsy, but we do appreciate the concept. Although, it would be almost impossible not to get this salad all over yourself while you mix the ingredients. Better stay away from it if you’re on a date!



Meat Dress
Lady Gaga has had much more influence on the modern culture than we suspected. Is it THE meat dress? We surely hope so, otherwise it’s too creepy for words.



Breakfast Shovel
The presentation is kind of cool, but do you actually have to eat from a shovel?

Artsy Strawberry
If this is what dessert looks like, dinner must have been served on a throne or a mini-table.



DIY Orange Juice
While mixing your own salad may still be considered okay, this one is definitely anything but that. Making your own orange juice, really?



Cotton Candy Mane
That moment when your dessert arrives on a horse head. This is priceless!



Patties tower
Who on Earth would eat so many patties? And there’s definitely not enough sauce.

The Olive Presentation
Should you eat the tree as well as the olives? And why only two of them? Makes us wonder what the whole meal was about.



Bugs Bunny Coffee
There’s no point in pouring coffee into a carrot cup unless you are serving a rabbit. Or maybe carrot-flavored coffee is a thing now?



Ice Salad
How fast does one need to eat the salad before the whole thing melts down and starts dripping off the plate?

Caesar Salad
This poor salad surely looks dead, just like its namesake.



Chicken Tikka
Somehow this is just wrong.



The Food Is Somewhere There
We bet someone has tried to take a bite out of a pebble at least once. They actually look yummy!



Flamingo Drink
A drink served in a lightbulb placed into a rubber flamingo? This is too surreal for words!

Caveman’s Dinner
It’s impossible to eat this meal and not dump it all over the table! If you’d like to start with fries, you are also out of luck.



Mushroom Garden
What part of this is actually edible? Things like this should go with an instruction from the chef.



Shawarma on a Bike
You might not know how to ride a bike, but your meal certainly does! Or maybe it’s a hint that you’ll need to hit the gym afterwards?