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20 Absolutely Horrible Food Fails


You know that feeling when your bag of chips has more chips than air? Yeah, it pretty much feels like winning the food lottery! Now imagine a polar opposite of that feeling. There you go. Now if you could please stop crying for a moment, you can enjoy some good old schadenfreude (that’s when you’re feeling good about someone else’s misfortune).


What you’re about to see is not for the faint of heart, so prepare yourself. Here are 20 absolutely horrible food fails!



1. This carrot (yes, it’s a carrot) is also a great allegory for our society.



2. Why does this make me angry? I don’t understand.



3. This orange decaying from the inside is a perfect allegory for human society too.



4. You did your best, ice cream… Which clearly wasn’t enough.

5. Can you feel the rage?



6. I’d make a hot pocket out of this one.



7. What. The. Pop. Are they trying to traumatize kids?

8. Want some guac? TOO BAD!



9. “Lightly salted”, yeah, right.



10. How many mirrors do you need to break to have this much bad luck?

11. It’s still a sealed bottle of wine…



12. Pepperoni, huh? Okay, if you say so.



13. It’s definitely a chocolate chip cookie, as in “one chip”.



14. If Monday was a beer.

15. Look at that strawberry! It’s the size of a lemon!



16. Gotta say, I’d still enjoy this foot-long.



17. You know what this means, right? Someone’s freaking out about getting TWO yolks!

18. So that’s what an ice cream cone looks like without the cone. Neat.



19. This is a huge brick of cheese powder.



20. And this is a whole potato. What’s next, whole fruits in our juices?