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Villains Need Love Too – A Series Of Illustrations


I always thought that villains are the best characters in movies, provided that they’re well written and not one dimensional. They’re often just misunderstood or hurt characters that didn’t feel accepted or wanted, who then took control of their life and proceeded to right all the wrongs in the worst way possible. Do you ever wonder what their life would be like if they got enough love and support? This is something Naolito thought about too, so she created a series of illustrations (now available as pins) called Villains Need Love Too, in which villains get hugs from their hero counterparts.

1. Futurama: Professor Farnsworth and Mom. Because even evil moms deserve a hug.

2. Alien: Ellen Ripley and Alien. Xenomorphs need love too!

3. Game of Thrones: Jon Snow and the Night King. His cold heart would melt.

4. Alice in Wonderland: Alice and The Queen Of Hearts. Deep inside she has a heart.

5. Fantastic Four: Thing and Doctor Doom. Not all is doomed.

6. Futurama: Fry and Bender. So cute.

7. The Little Mermaid: Ariel and Ursula. Hugs can do a little magic too.

8. Aladdin: Genie and Jafar. We bet he wished for a good hug.

9. Snow White: Snow White and the Evil Queen. She just wanted to be loved.

10. Batman: Batman and Joker. Give a little hug to the sad sad joker.

11. Super Mario: Mario and Bowser. Who’s a cute little dragon?

12. Spiderman: Spiderman and Venom. Love is the antidote.

13. Frozen: Anna and Elsa. Hugs will warm her right up.

14. Harry Potter: Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Tom Riddle just needed to be loved.

15. Lord Of The Rings: Frodo and Gollum. Hugs are precious too.

16. Spirited Away: Chihiro Ogino and No-Face. Monsters need some loving too.

17. Adventure Time: Finn The Human and Ice King. Melt that chilly attitude with a hug.

18. Avengers: Hulk and Loki. Little overachieving weirdos need a hug once in a while to feel accepted.