The Most Stupefying Photos of Fish You’ll Ever See


Not only can fish be a delicious snack, they’re also great pets. Not as good as cats or dogs, of course. You can’t walk a fish or play Frisbee with it, but what these water-loving creatures lack in the Action department, they make up for in beauty and elegance. What, you don’t believe fish like Siamese fighting Betta look cool and majestic? That’s because you gotta see this 48-year-old Thai photographer’s gallery first!


Visarute Angkatavanich uses his immense photography skills to showcase the aquatic splendor of his pets. I don’t know what kind of tricks he’s using, but now I want a bunch of Bettas.

Then again, my cats would probably go nuts. Either way, Visarute has proven to the world that just because if a tiny fish, doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.

Maybe his pictures will inspire some of you to do a similar gallery!