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8 Astoundingly Tiny Art Pieces


This time we’re talking about the 8 most astoundingly tiny art pieces in the world and the artists who created them.

Hasan Kale

Istanbul-based artist Hasan Kale has already done the thing where he painted on bottle caps, tiny almond, matchsticks, and butterfly wings. At the moment, his tiniest canvas is literally the super-thin wings of a regular house fly!

Salavat Fidai

He started his career as a lawyer, but turned to art when he was laid off during the financial crisis of 2013 in Russia. Now, he’s an international art sensation for the spectacular things that he carves into the tips of pencils.

A single art piece takes Salavat anywhere between 12 hours to 72 hours. Yet, even though he’s famous for the sculptures he makes with pencil lead, his favorite “medium” is the seed of a pumpkin.

Joe Fig

After making large paintings for years Joe Fig hit a creative blog. He could no longer get himself to work on regular paintings. So, he decided that if he can’t do “big” anymore, he’s going to shift to tiny paintings. What’s most significant about the work of Joe Fig is that he makes tiny dioramas as his tiny art. He’s created a whole tiny miniature of an artist in his studio, complete with unfinished paintings, tools lying around everywhere, and a thoughtful artist observing the work that he’s done.

Willard Wigan

Here’s someone whose precision is truly astounding. You can’t even see his art with the naked eye. His art is so small, it fits in the eye of a needle or on the head of a tiny pin.

To work on his sculptures, Willard Wigan had to invent his own tools. He made a paintbrush from the fallen out hair of his girlfriend’s eyelashes (I know, kinda creepy!).

In order to achieve the precision (all his works are hand-made), he has to work during the late hours of the night, when everyone is asleep and the world is very quiet.

Jonty Hurwitz

The work of Jonty Hurwitz is so small you need an electron microscope to see it. His work measures 80 by 100 by 20 microns (that’s 0.01% of a centimeter).

Jonty Hurowitz holds the world record for the smallest artwork to ever have been created by a human (without the aid of a machine).

Jonty Hurwitz | 8 Astoundingly Tiny Art Pieces | BrainBerries


If you google “tiny art” you will definitely encounter the work of Slinkachu. He makes tiny installations, with tiny human figures that are traversing the train of human bodies, toothbrushes, and “jungles” made of grass.

He’s been making these tiny street installations since 2006.

Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti makes incredible work using pretty regular tools — razor blades, needles, and knives. Some of his tiny pieces took him months to create.

Satoshi Kawata

Satoshi Kawata was one of the scientists in Japan who created this bull with a special focused laser. This bull is 7 micrometers tall, and is about the size of a single human red blood cell. To this day (in 2019) this bull is the tiniest 3D sculpture to have ever been created.