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Ivanka Yurchenko is a writer and photographer with a passion for traveling. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, she spends a lot of time exploring the vibrant local culture that is filled with all kinds of events like music festivals, yoga retreats and art gallery openings. She enjoys writing about her travels to inspire other people to go out and see what the world has to offer. One day she just went exploring Myanmar, India and Nepal and found a world of wonders. Now Ivanka is striving to become a great writer and photographer to share the beauty of the world with as many people as possible.
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6 Taboo Things That Might Actually Save Your Relationships

Who decides what’s good and what’s bad for relationships? Especially when it’s your relationship and only you and your partner know exactly what’s going on between the two of you. Yet society thinks it knows best, that’s why there exists so many rules as to what’s good for a couple and what they should never ever do. But you know what? Only you and you alone can tell what harms your relationships and what makes them stronger.

13 Pics Of Avenger Actors And Their Stunt Doubles That Prove We Have No Idea Of What’s Happening On The Set

It’s not a secret most actors have stunt doubles, what we don’t realize is the amount of work and preparations they undergo to become perfect twins for their superstar alter egos. Actors taking part in the Avengers movies are using the superpowers of stunt doubles to the fullest, which is quite understandable with the amount of action scenes they’re going through.

Artist Creates Happiness Out Of Misery And It Will Make You Smile, Then Break Your Heart

We all realize the world is filled both with happiness and misery, but at the end of the day what truly matters is your own attitude and perspective. Positive thinking can get you far and, who knows, it may even change the reality around you! Pharmacist and artist Mokhallad Habib from Iraq decided not to wait till his positive attitude will change the world and started making minor changes himself by taking actual episodes of his country’s life and transforming them into cute works of art.