8 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Fall In Love With Birds


Most people like to see pictures of cats and dogs, and most of the time people will ask if you’re a cat person or a dog person. There are also horse people and reptile people, both seem to be more of an abundance than bird people. As a bird person, it makes me a little sad, but I think birds are the most beautiful, perfect animals. In order to spread my love of birds, I’ve decided to share this article, and hopefully make some more people fall a little bit in love birds, or at least look at some cute Instagram accounts.



1. Kippie the Parrot
Kippie is a Bronze Wing Pionus and lives with his buddy Pollita in a big birdroom. These birdies are freaking delightful!



2. Lots of Birds from Osaka, JP
Aside from Dolly the parakeet, and Leo the budgerigar, we can also see two Java sparrows – Cherry and Marron.


3. Harley the Cockatoo
As you may have guessed, most of the list will be parrots, because they’re fun and adorable, not to mention loud as heck, especially when you’re talking about Harley the cockatoo. Once this bad boy is revved up, there’s no shutting him up.



4. Rio and Tweety
These two cute Indian Ringnecks, Rio and Tweety, seem to never have a dull moment. It must be true what they say: birds of a feather flock together (even though in this case the feathers are as different as they can be).


5. Gotcha the Cockatoo
Apparrotly, internet loves cockatoos, as there’s another avian celebrity on this list. Gotcha is really talkative when you get him in the mood.


6. Walterhazen the Conure
Walt the Conure, really does live up to his username – RoyalBirdy. His full name is either Walterhazen, or Walter Hazen, but either way, it’s fancier than “Polly”.


7. Beaker the Parrotlet
Say hi to some of the smallest parrots in nature – parrotlets. And if you’re not one of the people who think small equals cute, I don’t want to know you. These tiny birds are 110% adorable!


8. My Own Little Zoo
As the account name states, it is a little zoo. The “zoo’s” owner Laura rescues birds and has already saved 21 birdies, including Amazons, African Greys, caiques, conures, and some other feathery cuties. Good luck, Laura, you’re amazing!